Friday, December 29, 2006

Thanks :)

Thank you for all the lovely comments! It's great when a non-knitter/recipient appreciates the item, acknowledges the time, talent, and tenacity needed, but to receive praise from other knitters is the ultimate! I feel like when an actor receives an award that was voted on by his industry peers.

The above picture is a detail of the outer pattern, the Interlocking Diamonds. I really like that pattern.

This is the edging that took the entire drive home from Bancroft. Well, I had the band of YO, K2tog done, all that was left was the cast off row. I wanted it a little more 'bobble-ly' and less picot-ish, but it's still nice. I cast off four, then chained 4, joined in the same st as I started from.

As mentioned, the center square is the Charlotte Doily. I had used it earlier for a cotton blanket/playmat: I had thought that doing a doily pattern in worsted weight cotton, would make it close to baby blanket size. Umm...not quite. I wish I had used larger needles for this blanket, and I also wish I had the blocking wires. I don't know if I stretched it at all when I blocked it. For the cotton blanket, I followed the pattern and knit the stitch between the increase yarn overs through the back loop. I didn't really like that, and this time, did it normally.

This is the very center of the blanket. I used the Emily Ocker cast on but it got a little skewed somehow.

I love how the silk content gives a little crispness to the blanket. The earlier lace blankets that I made/designed that were in acrylic do seem so beginner-ish now, although acrylic was probably the best choice for those recipients (including my own babies, LOL). I enjoy designing them, although I don't like the word 'design'. I just take patterns from the stitch dictionaries and put them together.

I had a few issues this time. Although I know about making sure to have equal number of YO/K2tog on the partial repeats at the edges of the wedges, I didn't always pay attention to how it would look overall. I became really aware of that with the band of single diamonds, and opted to not have any partial diamonds at the edges. But in the Feminine Diamonds sections....there's a few places I'm not impressed with. I also wish the ribbed triangle wedges in the Charlotte Doily matched up the pattern repeats of the next border.

And, I was really inspired by Stephanie's Wedding Shawl. I really wanted an edging like that! But I also wanted a life in the past 5 months, and I wanted to be able to give it on Christmas, wrapped, without worrying about the needles poking through the wrapping paper, LOL.

And can I make anything crappy? LOL. You know I'd post the pictures :) Have you been reading Timeless Tuesday since I started it? Hot glue and Fair Isle? Mary Maxim picture sweater? Kaffe Fassett in acrylic, in the wrong gauge? LOL. I've just made a hat on my LK150 that is a tad too big. I finally made the tassels. I was using a little kid's book to wrap. One tassel got wrapped the short way around, one tassel got wrapped the long way around! And I won't go into details about the ice scraper mitten I was working on yesterday. Or the many sweaters that just need buttons!

But tune in tomorrow when hopefully I'll have FO pictures of the hat, a pair of felted clogs, and...oh, I guess that's all :)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I've been knitting....

...and knitting....and knitting....and it's DONE! DONE! DONE!
Already I'm suffering post-project letdown! But it's in a good way sort of. This project was so huge, it's so wonderful, I almost don't want to give it away. It'd be like giving away the baby, not the blanket the baby's wrapped in.

I started the planning in February. I looked at yarns; I wanted something exquisite, but fairly easy care and not too expensive. I settled on Jaggerspun Zephyr, white, fingering weight. I used 3.5mm needles and I had 10g left of the second ball. There's no yardage on the wrapper, so I'll look it up later. It was 36" pre-blocking, and 44" on the blocking wires (which I bought for this project). I had decided on doing the Kerry Blue Shawl pattern, as I wanted something square, middle outwards, that would allow me to cut it short if time or yarn ran out. But my on-line friend never sent the pattern, so I created my own. The center is "Charlotte Doily" (I'll get the link later). That goes to the edge of the filled in triangles...the first border of YO, K2tog. Then I used Feminine Diamonds, then lace diamonds, then Interlocking Diamonds (all from The Knitter's Bible). See a theme? I started the knitting in early July, and finished the cast off, 10 minutes from home on Dec. 24.
I had allowed the 4 hour drive home from Bancroft to do the cast off. I tried a few things on the way there, and wasn't happy with any of them. I wanted it bobbly, sort of picots. I knew my mom had a crochet hook, so I borrowed it for the trip home. I lost it within the hour, before we even left. So we stopped at V&S Stedmans' (LOVE those stores) and I picked up a new one, 4mm. I started off and liked the picots, but they were too close together, so I started off again. There are 4 sides, 4 hours. And it worked out pretty much exactly :)

Soaked it during dinner (but it didn't come as white as I was expecting), stretched it out after dinner. I wish I had gotten up and gotten a solid colour towel to block it on, because I realized that I could get a good picture from the basement stairs. (Why is it saying the picture has been added, but it's nowhere to be found? It's a .jpg file, only 53KB).

My other lace items have been mostly acrylics. WHAT a difference natural fibers make! I know about the magic of lace blocking from everyone else's websites, but I haven't done anything that took anything more than a trip through the washer and dryer. I don't know if I can knit with acrylic anymore! Seriously. If you've never used a 'good' natural yarn (The Zephyr is 50% wool, 50% silk), buy one ball and try it. Swatch the whole ball; do some lace, do some cables, do some texture knitting. Wet it, pin it out, and let it dry. Unpin, and marvel at how beautiful the stitches look. This will also prove to you that you really need to swatch and block before creating your own patterns with these yarns; if you want it to be a certain size. And of course, you will need to block it every time it's washed, but you probably won't need/want to go to the extent that you do if you're presenting a gift :)
(Again, it won't load the pictures)

And in other areas of my life...are you sick of hearing about my sick kids yet? Boxing Day, 6 hours at the ER with Lucy. Uh Huh. Finally they did a chest x-ray, which was clear, and took blood, which was fine. So now we're dealing with somethingviral. Or Christmas has not happened at all like we planned. And Lucy is standing here beside me freaking that her name is up here, LOL.
I'll try to update with more detail pictures later. I specifically saved the pictures as "Best for Web" but none of them, or other ones I saved, are showing up! Any ideas?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Knitting Resolutions

The following rules are from Wendy's blog:

L-B mentioned to me that she was thinking about attempting to knit from her stash exclusively in 2007. I, of course, laughed at her initially, but started thinking that attempting to knit from my stash exclusively was not a bad idea. Both L-B and I have stashes of epic proportions. L-B had suggested a period of 9 months of knitting from the stash, so that we could go to Stitches East next October and buy yarn there.
So, in a phone call, we sketched out our guidelines.

Knit From Your Stash 2007: Guidelines for L-B and Wendy

1. The Knit-From-Your-Stash-a-Thon will start January 1, 2007 and run through September 30, 2007 -- a period of nine months.
2. We will not buy any yarn during that period, with the following exceptions:
2.a. Sock yarn does not count. What? You think we are made of stone?
2.b. If someone asks for a specific knitted gift that we really and truly do not have the yarn for, we may buy yarn to knit that gift.
2.c. If we are knitting something and run out of yarn, we may purchase enough to complete the project.
2.d. We each get one "Get Out of Jail Free" card -- we are each allowed to fall off the wagon one time.
3. We are allowed to receive gifts of yarn.
4. Spinning fiber of any sort is exempt.

Anyone else who would like to join us in this is welcome to do so! Feel free to link to this page or to post the guidelines on your own blog. You may also alter the guidelines to suit your own situation.

Back to me:

We all say it "I'm on a yarn diet." "I'm going to knit up my stash before buying anything more." Uh huh. In Wendy's case, she set Stitches East as her goal. We could set the Kitchener-Waterloo show as a goal...but golly, that seems SO far away (actually, it would be BEFORE Wendy's Sept 30 end)! I think I might go with six months. Jan 1 to June 30. I have ALOT of stash I've been saving for after I have a breast reduction, hopefully that will be in the spring :)

One additional rule I'd add is that I can add sale priced yarns to collections I already have, such as Decor, Classic Merino, CountryStyle DK. Oh, and if any Christmas yarns come on sale after Christmas so I can stock up for next year's baby hats :)

Another resolution I encourage all knitters to embrace--becoming critical of your knitting. Not critical in a negative way, but in a more analytical way. Think about why you want to make that pattern. Is your yarn a good choice? Are there any little voices in your head warning you about something? Look at projects you haven't finished but are still hanging on too. Why are they set aside? How about learning some new techniques? A new cast on? Entrelac? Lace? Choose a colour outside your comfort zone. Teach someone. Rip out old projects. Expand yourself, not your stash :)

Coming later--flash your stash! Finally my stash is mostly in one spot. I took a picture...and really, it doesn't look all that out of control :)

No Knitting

I haven't made any more little bitty Santa hats, or 'festive season' hats, but I did make these this morning:
Monday was Red & Green day, which we forgot about. Yesterday was Pajama Day. Huey wore his PJs in the morning, but when it was time for Lucy to go to school...she picked out her jammies, folded them neatly, and wouldn't put them on. Early in the fall they had a pajama party reading night at school, so she was thinking that the pj's were for later. She got to school and everyone was in their jammies. She suddenly got VERY clingy! Today is Elf Hat Day. Elf hats have to be green. They can't be a Fair Isle Stocking hat. Or a green balaclava. Huey went hatless this morning, but once we got home, I set to work! Guess who's getting the pink and green one, LOL. I'll stop by Huey's room to deliver the other one.
And Rob moans when I pick up bags of craft stuff at yardsales and thrift shops!! That big bag of felt from the Senior's Center Basement Yard Sale has saved the day :)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy yarn Dance!

How many engineers does it take to fix a ball winder?
Two. Well, one fixed it, the other....umm...what did he do? Oh yeah, he supplied the engineer (His Dad) that fixed it, LOL. That's the first ball wound on the new and improved and safer ball winder. Ain't it pretty? If I weren't too busy, I'd spend all evening winding balls again :)

Santa? Are you reading?

If anyone's wondering what to get me for Christmas, or maybe my birthday....take a peek! I'd like a shirt, size large, preferably without profanity, although I do like the skulls...I wonder if there's one that says "I rescue orphan yarn". Or "Home for Disadvantaged Odd Balls" LOL. Oh, that one cracks me up so much, I can't believe I created myself :)

Something Finished!

They look a little rough around the edges, LOL, but a few wearings/washings and they'll be fine. Made from Patons Decor, from my stash :) Actually, I ripped out a hat I made last winter--a copy of the Star hat that Grumperina made, except that I added short rows so that it would cover my ears and some of my back neck. But the open design and the looseness of the gauge, not to mention how stupid I looked in's time had come to be re-incarnated. If I had known I was buying that yarn a couple weeks ago on the Thursday night, I would have waited to make these--now I have gloves and no hat, and a hat with no gloves, and a pair of mittens in another yarn that does have another version of the Star hat to match but I still look dorky in that version. Oh well, they all match my coat, so I guess that's all that matters.

I don't know how well it shows up, but I used a cast on called 'alternate cable cast on' which is really good for ribbing if you don't want to do a tubular cast on. The pattern for these gloves is my own creation! I made a pair, by request, for Rob a couple winters ago, and he really likes them. I made my fingers long though so I could scrunch them back or pull them forward, almost covering my fingers. They work up quick, the only issue is weaving in all the ends--two for each finger!

I notice that I don't post many pictures of Huey. He doesn't dump out the Cheerios anymore, or climb into the cupboard, or eat green paint. But he's still darn cute! Here's the evolution of his new front teeth.

This is Huey back in July probably. I didn't realize that when we downloaded the pictures, it didn't imprint the date it was taken. Well, it says it did, but every picture gives the date it was downloaded, not taken. Now I know to check the display on the camera and add it to the photo description before deleting it from the camera.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


We've 'solved' the climbing on the table problem:

And knitting. Hmm...Still slaving away at the baby blanket. Near the end of a pair of ribbed tipless gloves for me. When the weather went frigid, I stopped working on them, but now that it's been nicer out, I'd like them done! I did a rectangle hat on the LK150 using two colour tuck stitch and the yarn I bought at the LYS recently. But I need to make the tassles still. The hat weighs 99grams, and I thought the balls were 50g...but I hardly made a dent in them. I wonder if I can get a pair of mitts too?
I did finally get the Santa hats to the hospital. On Thursday afternoon. They'd been ready since Sunday.

This time there were only 2 Santa hats out of the 8. So, that's 19 hats donated (although I don't know how many will get used by newborns as some of them seemed a little big). I hope to take more up on Thursday, but I haven't even started them. LOL. The single coloured sparkly ones are a lot quicker, but the Santa ones are so cute!
Time to go relax.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Megan's Wish List

Megan wants Duct Tape for Christmas. Actually, she'd like it a little early, although I don't know how Vicki ('step-grandma') would feel about Duct Tape on her lovely walls.

This isn't Megan of course. Just making sure you know!
Lucy is up and down. The med that was to be every 4 hours is actually the Motrin, which we've been a little lazy about. She's asleep in my bed, courtesy of some Calms Forte. We're not going to her concert, or my local Knit Night, or even the Georgetown group Christmas party :( I am very behind on the lace baby blanket. I bought things for gift game exchanges. Megan's Christmas/winter sling is still not finished (had to sew the body three times between I am severely sewing challenged).
Perhaps I can Duct Tape the whole family to the wall?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Timeless Tuesday

I really don't have time for this today! But here goes.
Last week I promised socks, and here they are:

I really consider this the true start of my knitting. Prior to moving to O'ville in late Oct 97, I had been, at some point, to the Toronto Creative Needlework Festival. I was overwhelmed with 'real' yarns. Once in O'ville, I found a small arts supply/gift shop that sold yarn, but I don't think most of it was 'real'--just Patons type stuff. In the spring of 99 I saw an ad in the paper for a "History of hand knitted Socks" lecture/slide show at the county museum. Wow! Other knitters! I knew nothing about knitted socks, really, I could have cared less about knitted socks. But other real life knitters? I had previously joined an internet forum, at the time owned by Delphi I think, which eventually turned into the group of forums. But real live knitters?

So I went :) And shortly after, started a 4 week sock knitting class at the museum. It was wonderful--it's a huge barn like structure, and our group sat in front of the big windows overlooking my new county. I knew nothing about sock yarns and had to purchase these yarns from the teacher (see I couldn't buy just one colour?). The greens were just like the cedar trees in the fields below. The grey was actually grey, cream and green. I learned how to knit circularly with dpn. I started out knitting inside out, LOL. We didn't do a test swatch, gasp, but they did fit. It took longer than 4 weeks to make the pair, and I knew before I was done that I would make more!
I'm not sure if I went to the spring Needlework show, but I think I did. And I might have bought some Koigu (or it might have been that fall). Learning about sock yarns really taught me about using the 'correct' fiber for a project, and the 'correct' weight. I will admit to making my dad a pair of 'socks' in a worsted yarn or maybe even chunky. I knit them tightly, like good socks should be, to some degree, LOL. However, I didn't realize that 'thick' in the world of socks meant DK weight. These socks were like boot liners! I made my brother a pair out of Bernat Aspen, which was so soft, with merino wool. A worsted weight, I don't know why they discontinued it! He really liked them and they eventually fell apart. I really should make him some new ones!

And so, I became a 'real' knitter--using double pointed needles, hand dyed wools, creating my own patterns.
Oh, I see in my brag book a Christmas tree skirt started in March 1999...I really should get that out again...

Friday, December 08, 2006

Yarn Sticker Shock

Last night....some yarn followed me home!

I used the 'best for web' setting when saving that picture, but it looks a little blurry to me. The 3 skeins of blue at the top left is Marupe, for felted clogs for a gift game. Yeah, this year. Next weekend to be exact. The sock yarn at the top right is "Super Trekking" I thought Huey might like some socks and these remind me of tiger colours. The bright pink balls...uh, for me? The Burgundy and grey balls are for a new hat for me. Cause I want warm ears, even if I look like a dork. I might as well embrace it. I was a little shocked at the total bill. At home, I was thinking maybe there was an error. But no! I actually paid $9 x 2 for my hat yarn! If I had realized, I probably would have just gone for the plummy colour. And perhaps left the sock yarn for later...I won't start those till after Christmas.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Why some sad itty babies are going hatless at Headwaters:
That's Megan, this afternoon, in our favourite carrier. It was a ROUGH night for both her and Lucy. It's been a very long day. Megan was up, bright eyed and bushy tailed despite being up much of the night, at 6:20am. She finally went to sleep at about 9:30, but only for 45 minutes. She didn't go to sleep again until I finally slung her, around 1:30. And of course, I had to wake both of them at 2:30 to go get Huey. We got a prime parking spot and I was able to run into the school and drag him out the side door.

That carrier is called a FrankenKozy. It's a variation on the Kozy Karrier, a type of Asian Baby Carrier (ABC) or Mei Tei (Mai Tei). You can get instructions to make your own on the internet, and sometimes she sells them, but no one is marketing them (although Maya Wrap has created one called a Maya Tie). The leopard print is left over from Huey's pajama pants I made him. Inside the body piece is a hidden layer of fleece leftover from the pouch I made when Megan was a newborn. The black I bought. It is reversible, but I love the leopard print showing! And it is very warm, and VERY comfortable. It's what we use everyday to walk the mile to the school.

We got a lot of snow last night/today. It's nice, but I'm not quite ready. I stopped working on my tipless gloves so I could concentrate on the baby blanket. Huey needs new mitts and wants a new hat. I need a hat that covers my ears but doesn't make me look like a dork. We haven't started Christmas shopping. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and having two sick kids just doesn't help!

I messed up one of the baby hats last night and couldn't fix it till this morning. There's 7 more hats, only one is seamed. I wanted to seam and wash them today, glue the pompoms tonight, and deliver them tomorrow when Lucy goes for her speech therapy again. I don't think that's going to happen! I don't even know how dinner is going to happen, at it's almost 5:00!

For those who like felted bags, check out this site! Oh, for pete's sake, I didn't bookmark the site! If you go to the current Knitty and check the purple and green purse. Then go to the designer's link at the bottom. Or, go to Z's blog and look at the last comment I left her, LOL. And at Knitting Pattern Central, there is a great listing of felted patterns. That's a great site for just about any pattern you can imagine. Even Marie's hats are there!

Gotto go, sick baby girl stuck on chair UNDER the table.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Timeless Tuesday

I'm backtracking alittle today. It was supposed to be my first socks, but they're upstairs and Megan wasn't asleep yet...but she's even more wide awake now! But I'll do the socks next week.

This is a picture of my Grandma and me. I was about 10, and the green yarn she's holding looks a lot like the one in my first swatch. I see that she doesn't have the yarn wrapped around her fingers at all. I hold mine in an unusual way, and I've seen it in books only twice I think. But I'm fairly fast, efficient for holding it with my right hand, LOL.
This is a little closeup of the first swatch. There's some funky things happening. Maybe this is why I've never liked garter stitch? LOL. Half the swatch (vertically) is okay, but the other half of it is terrible!
This is the first swatch. Very interesting shaping.
Notice how the last few sts were cast off with a different green yarn? LOL. That's not the only time I've had to do that. But what's really odd, is years later I found a tiny dark green ball of yarn, like the main colour, in my stash. It was wound up, and wrapped with electrical tape :) All growing up I heard so often "who took my electrical tape?" Surely it wasn't I that actually wrapped it with electrical tape?!

Megan has been up since 6:15 with only an hour nap. It's 1:23. In just over an hour we'll be bundling up to go get the kids. She'll probably sleep on the way, but that's only 20 minutes. Is it any wonder she's so cranky during dinner?!
Off to to buy some Mister Joe (not Uncle Joe like I wrote last week). I'm no big spender like Marie, but I can't pass this one up!
Oh, speaking of Marie, LOL. For the mitts, I have an old Patons basic 2 needle mitten pattern for the whole family that I modified to do in the round, and I base all my mitts on that. Or swatch and work out the gauge and the math :)
And Z...I don't know if I'll be coming on Thursday night :( I need to make myself a new, WARM, ear covering hat, and I thought a felted one might be nice....and of course, I'll need to buy some yarn for it :) I'm not up to taking any of the kids to that store during the day, so Thursday night it is.
Megan is on a kitchen chair, about to climb onto the table again!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Forgotten Finished Object

Not really forgotten, just already in use:
They're made out of Shetland Chunky and Divine. The ribbing on the mitt is a little pouffy for my liking, especially since she puts them on after putting on her coat, so the cuffs get bunched up instead of being inside her coat. The pattern on the hands is just alternating sts so that the inside would be thicker, fluffy, and warm. I think I should have made the entire mitt like that. At first, I was just going to carry the yarn on the inside, but then figured I might as well knit it so it shows. I made the hat, but of course, it was too short. So I ripped it back and lengthened it. But she doesn't fold the cuff up all the way, and the hat ends up about 4" taller than her head.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Knit bits and Tidbits

Where do the patterns go?
How is it, that when I have a worsted weight yarn, and am searching for a pattern, everything I come across is for DK? And now that Elann has some pretty DK yarn in their sneak peeks, all the recent patterns I want to do are worsted, aran, or bulky? And why are bulky yarns so expensive? I want to make the Brioche Bodice from Interweave Knits, Summer 2006. Calls for a 16st/4" yarn. Don't want wool (easy to find, but this is a tank top). I searched Elann, but except one, most of the yarns ran at about $40 to make a TANK TOP! And these are discounted prices?! That one yarn is okay, although perhaps a little too textured and too even coloured. I also want to make the cover pattern from that issue, and the maternity top (but NOT as a maternity top!), but neither take DK. And in the current issue, there's a couple I'd like to do, but again, not written for DK.
I did find this one. That's Ivy from the last Knitty issue. It's very similar to the Whine Wrap Cardigan I was working on (that one takes 22st/4", this one is 24st/4" like the Uncle Joe yarn. That name worries me though. I really don't want to wear Uncle Joe).
I suggest you click on the link if you want a picture of the detailing.
I haven't looked in the back issues of Knitty, or MagKnits, so shout if you recall something for 24st/4".

On another knitting related note....
Eight little Santa hats made their way to the hospital yesterday. The first installment of "Hats for Headwaters" (Headwaters is the name of our hospital). I realized that not everyone 'believes' in Santa, so I did two blue hats and one white hat in the Christmas 'sparkle' yarn. I got over my pompom fear by buying the pompoms. They were 79cents for 8, and 40% off that. The sparkle hats got special sparkle Christmas pompoms. I do plan to make more. I have red sparkle yarn as well as the blue and white. Approximately one and a half babies are born every day there, so I plan to do 40 that are definitely Christmas/Hanukkah style, and some more in the white, which could be New Years baby hats too. So, only 29 more to go :)

Last night we had SnB at my place. It was great to have other adults here :) Although you ladies didn't eat your share of the chocolate! I also didn't get the felting book out to show, although Megan did a great job of showing off the green felted purse :)

Well, off to knit a row. There's not much time before Christmas, and I have to allow blocking time for the baby blanket! The rows are HUGE now.

Later alligators..

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Timeless Tuesday

I swear. This is the last one. Yes, another Kaffe Fassett sweater! Tumbling Blocks this time:

This was supposed to be for Rob's dad, Christmas 1998. However, between buying the house, getting a puppy...he didn't get it until April 1999! But I don't know what else I was working on in the mean time. I'm not a slow knitter. I know I was also doing scrapbooking, and supply teaching, but really...I should of had it finished before then, or at least have other things to show for that timeframe! (I'm sure there's probably hats or mitts). Again, this was knit with mostly acrylic worsted weight yarns, although the mottled diamonds were two strands of DK/sock yarns. I like the Tumbling Blocks idea, and I think I did a good job of separating yarns into light/medium/dark (the picture shows all the dark as being about the same colour, but there really are more than two different dark yarns!), but there's still something a little too bold about this sweater. Perhaps the blocks should have been a smaller scale? I'd definately do this one again as an afghan, although perhaps not the afghan in his book. Actually, many of his designs would make stunning afghans.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Where is my Book?

Please help :)
I linked to the other day as a link from someone else's site, and she happened to show a picture of a boy and man wearing balaclavas (called face helmets in the book). Huey had just said he wanted one! I KNEW I had that very book in my collection of older books. I could picture it in my mind. I searched. I found another equally outdated winter headwear book, but not this one: I KNOW I have it. Where is it? I don't loan books. I don't think I've made a hat from an actual pattern in quite a while. In cmeknit's post with the picture, I can make out that it uses Canadiana, which is great because I'll probably use Decor (even though I might not get the EXACT same results, LOL). For the man's, you cast on 104sts, but I can't see the boy's pattern.
If you have the pattern/book and are coming on Thursday to my soiree, please bring it! Or, if you're not coming, could you just tell me how many to cast on, and how many rows/inches until the mouth opening...and how many stitches to cast off for that...You know, just drop it into a casual conversation....Please?

Friday, November 24, 2006


The yarn in the picture of Megan under my machine...the bag of blues off to the left is from Headwater Wool, it's Gauja, I think about a fingering/DK range. Good value, 100% and 350m/395yd for $5. Supposively you can machine wash it on cold. Or felt it on hot. And it comes in several other thickness, so you can do interesting things. I hope to try dyeing this yarn after Christmas. The nicely wound ball connected to the knitting that Megan is holding is Plymouth Colourspun (bought in Georgetown). The colours in it range from yellow to red to green to blue. Very neat. The bag of green off to the right is the infamous Lion Brand "Alligator" that has been in the works since Aug 2004. Huey found that bag, recognized it and told me to get working again--put it in the half knit basket, he said!

A few minutes ago I heard a chorus of emergency vehicle sirens. We live near the ambulance station, so often hear that one, but there was more than just one. Now, a helicopter has gone over. It was white. The LifeFlight ones are mostly orange, a few are dark blue. White could be the CTV helicopter or a York/Toronto police helicopter. I'll have to watch the news tonight!

The thermometer outside says 10 C. Wow. A couple of really nice days! Was last weekend winter, and now we're back to spring? It's so hard to teach the kids about the seasons with weather like this!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Timeless Tuesday!

After the Icon sweater, things get a little fuzzy. The knitting too. I know I started a christening dress and a baby blanket in the spring of 98 for my niece Ally, born at the end of May. They were both made with Bernat Lollipop Sparkle, a baby weight. The christening dress was adapted from a toddler dress pattern in a library book. I still have the pattern, but I don't know what book it was. I did buttons on both shoulders as it seemed like it might be hard to get on/off. I think it was my first lace attempt, and I think it went pretty well considering the adjustments I had to make. I just wish I had used better yarn! A nice cotton or baby wool would have made it a true heirloom piece. As it was, it got worn by only my two nieces.

This is a picture of my cousin's daughter modeling the dress. She was too big for it by the time she had her christening. You can see the lace along the bottom. It's also around the arms and the neck. I've since used that edging on just about anything needing an edging. At the bottom were some eyelet rows that had pink ribbon laced through (it could be switch to blue for a boy, but it never happened), and a section of lace faggoting.
I used that lace faggoting and the same yarn to make a baby blanket for Ally. It didn't get done until Christmas. I have no idea what else I was knitting! No pictures, nothing. I know I did some baby outfits for "Guardian Angels", and probably some mitts/hats. Anyway, the blanket. The first one I designed! I used vertical panels of faggoting separated by a cable panel. I didn't know how huge lace could stretch, and I think I used needles too large, thinking that would make it lacier. It ended up being pretty big! That's Allie hiding behind it. I did the lace edging in pink.
I did a blanket for each of the 7 kids on that side of the family. Huey never liked his, and Megan's was made on the machine...and still has no edging (but we use it anyway). Each blanket was different, but they were all made using Bernat Lollipop Sparkle, except Megan's--it had been discontinued and I used a sportweight version instead.
Speaking of Megan and the machine, check out what I found under my knitting table today!

Monday, November 20, 2006

A Finished Object!

Alert the media! I have finished something. And I mean finished as in I could put it on and wear it in public. Which I will tomorrow morning.

Socks, made on the LK150! I started these early in the new year, before mid-February when we put the house for sale. Then they got packed somewhere and I found them this fall. I was hoping to get them finished in Socktoberfest, but I would have had to try just a little bit harder. I was putting it off because I still had to seam the second sock.
First off...the recipe comes from here. I used the tutorial but did them from toe up--I was working with a finite amount of stash yarn--Schoeller-Esslinger Fortissimma 6 ply. I prefer the S-E Fortissimma 4 ply, and lighter weight socks, however, since I can't wear my regular shoes anymore thanks to a bunion, I think the thicker yarn will be better in my clog-ish shoes.
I notice on the toes that one edge starts a row sooner so it's more squarish on the other edge. Almost like a left and right sock. That's logical as they're done with short rows.

I'm not sure about the fit. I do think they should have been a couple stitches bigger, and the foot a few rows longer, but I find that the short row heel does not come up high enough on the back of my heel. If I was doing them by hand, I assume I could have used more than half the sts for the heel, but on the machine, you make it from one edge (which is along the side of the foot) to the half way point, and the toe is made the same way but on the other half of the sts. So the seam runs right up one side along the outer 'point' of the short row heel. On the sock on the left, it runs down the leg to the upper left corner of the dark grey heel, then down to the toe. So, you can't take more than half the sts. If you look at the link, you can see the sock in progress which explains it a LOT better, LOL. I'm wondering if on the top portion of the heel, could I do two short rows per every needle pulled out of work for part way across? Would it make the line where the short rows meet too bumpy? Or, I might put the sts on waste yarn and finish them by hand using the afterthought heel with decreases... I figure I could stretch it out better. Any other ideas?
I also was not keen about doing the ribbing on the machine, as I was new to it, and it was dark grey yarn in a dimly lit room. So I took them off the machine, did the seam, then did the ribbing in the round. I had less main yarn than expected (but enough for another round or two), and more dark grey than expected. They look a little out of balance. With the cuff folded down they look rather cute and will make good 'wear with shorts and sandals while camping' socks.

The seam is called a Bickford seam. I learned it from Marg Coe (of Omemee, Ontario) who is in various Yahoo machine knitting groups. It makes a pretty good flat seam. You can sort of see/feel the ridge on the right side, but really, you can't feel it on the inside. I did have some problems lining up the edges where the toe meets the foot and there's a bit of a bulge. But oh well, it's a first. Can you see it in the photos? On the outside one, it's about half way down, on the inside shot, it's about 1/3 of the way down. That's the first one I did. I couldn't find the original instructions, so she posted them again but they were written a little differently and I think I did it a little differently. But it's still acceptable!

Will I make socks on the machine again? I think so! I bought two balls of the self patterning type yarn at the K-W Knitter's Fair, and I've already done a swatch with one, but I think I'll need to do another when it's time to actually make it. There's another technique I want to try that seams them as you go. I think it's great for the plain (or self patterning yarns) socks. I don't know about lace...although I have done lace on the machine... However, I have a box full of Kroy 3 ply and I think that'll be a touch fine on the LK150. So....I'll just have to get more suitable yarns :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

So Cute!

The kids have been wild the past few days so today we dragged them out and drove them around hoping they'd fall asleep while we checked out parts of town we don't see anymore (why did the people who bought our old house take out the weeping crab apple tree? I wanted that for years, and finally got it two or three years before we moved!). Then we went to a park for about 10 minutes in the cold! Then I told Rob to stop at Zehr's so I could run in for something---possibly the last issue of Interweave Knits in town! Hee Hee.

These adorable booties are a free download! They only go up to 9 month size though :( But I do have the actually recommended yarn! And hey, Z....they're felted :) Maybe I could make Megan a pair of Fuzzy Feet. I saw that Robeez makes winter boots, but they're $35! I know the Fuzzy Feet wouldn't be winddproof like leather bootees, but if they were big enough, with a drawstring, they could go over her other shoes. Or maybe I should just get out the snowsuit with the snap on bootees :) We need something for babywearing in the winter.

There is a baby bootee book I really want, I think "50 Baby Bootees to Knit". I almost bought it at the K-W fair a few years ago--they had it for a great price...but you also had to buy a kit with it and I didn't have enough money left for the book and the kit. Oh well.

Back to the baby Santa hats!

Icon Update

I threw one sleeve of the Icon sweater into the wash, and it came out smelling MUCH nicer, and is also softer and drapeyer. So, now what to do with it? The front (or was it the back?) was ripped down past the neckline. I don't really feel like re-knitting it. I could make a pillow...but will I always look at it and think "That was once a great KF sweater..." and it doesn't go with our decor either. And what about all the other early projects? I wore the grey and white sweater yesterday, and the shape is hideous on me. It doesn't have a cosy feel, and I don't see much purpose of having it around, except for the good laugh of using hot glue on a knitted item.

I think after Timeless Tuesday I'm going to be AWOL for a bit so I can spend my computer time download the almost 200 pictures off the camera. It takes several minutes to do each picture! Then I want to update my Yahoo photo albums. I really want to get it done before Christmas so I can start fresh again in the new year!

I deleted a portion of this post, which was a chain email from my MIL about how your birthday indicates what kind of tree you if the comments don't make sense, that's why :)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Fancy a Ferrari?

Ever wanted your own Ferrari, but just don't have the cash? Knit your own! Holy smokes, LOL.

And, just for Theresa and Z I found the site for the new sock knitting machines! I had a great time last night! I was doing laundry today (gasp) and thought, "Hey, now that I have couches, we could have a felting party! And even have a dip in the hot tub!" But I don't know what to do with the kids, LOL. It might be fun to meet at different people's houses once in a while.

That's all, I'm going to download the photos of Megan smashing cupcake in her face :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A bit More on the Icon Sweater

Huey thought the sweater in the last post was a puzzle too. They're not as hard to make as they look actually. Because of the geometric nature of the ones I did, they flow very rhythmically and predictably. However, they do become much more dated looking than say, a traditional Fair Isle design. I'm hoping after Christmas to do some Fair Isle patterns, using this dyeing idea.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Timeless Tuesday

Yes, it's that time again. Timeless Tuesday. Perhaps it should also be known as "Progression of Fassett in Acrylics". This one is called "Icons" (or maybe "Icon").
I made it for Rob, before and after we got 1997 to spring 1998. It was a busy time. Got Married, I moved to Bolton, a month later we moved to O'ville. Then it was Christmas, then the Ice Storm of Jan 98.
I liked the colour scheme of this project. I wanted the feeling of 'sea glass' (even though all my sea glass is really 'Lake Ontario glass'). Blues, greens, yellows, and some other colours for shock value. What I don't like is what I've mentioned before--the solidness of the acrylic colours compared to the tweedy/heathery colours used by Rowan.

The other problem is the gauge. It's knit at about 20st/4" which isn't too bad for most worsted acrylics. But with all the ends woven in, and some of the yarns being a little thicker, it has an overall unyeilding feel. Rob says it doesn't fit, but the problem isn't so much the actual measurements, it's the lack of flexibility in the plastic yarns. I did have it finished, and he did try it, but complained. So I took it apart. I was going to make the sleeves set in by knitting side panels to add on. I'm not sure why I had ripped the front back before the neck....perhaps I was going to make it bigger. I think the needles (long since stolen for another project) were 3.75mm. A little small, LOL.

It's been stored in a plastic box for almost 5 years, and it has a strange feel and smell now. Don't know if that's just dust, or the acrylic yarn's attempt at biodegrading.

I thought maybe I'd rip out the whole sweater and make a few little boy's sweaters in the Fassett style, then I saw the 'Tessellating Fish" afghan and thought maybe that would be a good use for all these small bobbins of yarn. But I've hesitated so long that I know that I must really not want to.

The picture of all the yarn...that Ziploc bag is labeled "Outlines". When I made the swatch, I took it apart, and measured the yarn needed for the outlines, and the yarns needed for the cross. I pre-made a bag full of these butterflies, for each size. I quickly ran into a problem with the outline. If I started the outline in the bottom corner, with the end of the yarn, I'd get to the next row and have the yarn for one side of the outline, but not the other side. So I found the middle of the butterfly, and started the bottom with that. Then, for the next row, there'd be one end of yarn for each edge of the outline, and no end to weave in :) However, when finishing a cross, there'd be the two outline yarns and the main yarn of one cross ending, and the same for the start of the next one up. Lots of ends in this puppy--which added to the inflexibility.

I still like the graphic design of this sweater. I like the colours. I don't like the yarns.
And can you believe it...there's still at least one more Fassett design to come? :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Round Blanket Disappointment

This is Heidi's Round Lace Tablecloth. I made a white version for Megan. This is the giant skein of Bernat Baby Soft DK that I bought at Listowel in the summer (I added pictures to that post awhile ago, including one of the giant skein).

Looks okay from the top view.

Not so from the side view. In fact, it's so bad, Blogger won't display the photo, despite saying it's been loaded! There is major poofing. Almost as if I did too many sections. I thought about taking out some sections, but the problems are more in the inner half of circle...the outer portions lay flat. So it's a problem of the short row design in relation to the row gauge of the yarn.
Oh my, things just went crazy and my photo appeared!
I think it might be improved by taking out a section or two, but then the outer edge might cup under like Megan's does.
So...keep? Or frog? Or partially dissect?

The original posting of this post included a story about a troll in a parenting group I'm in.  I've moved that part of the post to my other blog!  That's why the comments seem to be not related to this post :)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Timeless Tuesday

Tomorrow is a special day, so Timeless Tuesday is happening today. And considering how long it took me to make the one post last week....

This is a hat I made for Rob. He asked for it :) It's one of two things I've made him that he wears. The other is a pair of tipless gloves. He asked for both things. The things I made for him of my own accord...the socks are in my drawer, the Kaffe Fassett sweater (yes, another one) is in little tiny balls in a Rubbermaid box.

I still had gauge issues. Most things I had made were made larger than the body part (ie--sweaters). I think I thought a hat would be the same way. It took several tries to get it near the right size. Later, when I knew more, I cut off the cuff and reknit it smaller, downwards. So it does some strange rippling when he wears it (but he does wear it!).
It's made of cheap acrylics. The purple variegated was a yarn I got when I was little and learned to knit!

I didn't know what was meant by pattern repeats. I got some of the stitch patterns from a book at the library. I didn't know you should plan things ahead, so that you didn't get to the end of the row and have half a star leftover. I didn't know you could add a stitch inbetween motifs to make the number of sts work out better. I think I learned that by the time I got to the Christmas trees. I didn't know about knitting in the round. I knew about mattress stitch, so I'm not sure why the seam is ugly. You don't want to see the weaving in of all the ends!

Even with all the faults, Rob's sister, Lou, commissioned me to make a few stocking caps for her to give as gifts. I used Patons Decor this time (which is why I have the huge bag of leftover balls) and knit them in the round.

The one on the left was for an adult man; the one on the right was one of two for two young sisters. I REALLY wish I had pictures of the finished hats. I added some motifs in the man's one to match his interests. I know there was a small band of Queen's flags, but I can't remember now if I did a band of planes, or a band of skiiers. It was a hard decision at the time. So Lou, if you're reading this...any chance of getting some pictures emailed to me...even just the one I made for you....please?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Yarn Tragedy!

That is my beloved yarn winder. The straight thing infront of it? A circular coiled (self adjusting) tension belt. Doesn't look circular? It was, moments before the photo :(
I bought this little treasure at an out-of-the-way yarn sale, May long weekend of 2004. For one dollar. Yup. I hadn't found much else at the sale, and I casually asked the woman if she happened to have a swift or a ball winder (she had had a yarn store long time ago). She sold it to me for $1 because the cord was wrapped in electrical tape (still is). I spent the rest of the weekend winding up all the odd balls in my stash :)
This is a close up of the label, in case anyone reading can tell me what it says, or when it might have been made.
Last night I went to Knit Night at the LYS. It was a small turnout (but there were some great suggestions to deal with hot coffee while driving, LOL). I spent the entire 2 hours wind one skein of lace weight yarn for a Flower Basket Shawl. I tried it on the shop's swift, and my electric ball winder, but the winder was too fast for the single ply fine yarn. So it was the back of a chair and my hands. There were a few minutes left, so I thought I'd get started on the knitting. You use two end together. Obviously, I wasn't about to start winding the second skein. So I tried the old trick of using both ends of the ball. I thought I had wound it loose enough, but when I pulled the inner broke! I couldn't dig out the end from the middle, so I gave up and browsed the shop some more. I decided I would re-wind the ball on my ball winder today, so I could use both ends, and it would be a neat and tidy ball winder ball. Sob. I didn't get very far.

I'm not sure how I feel about the colour. It's almost the same colour as in the pattern in Interweave Knits. I kinda like yarns with a bit more shading, but this was cheap :) It will be my THursday night project.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Timeless Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

I've been having a lot of trouble posting this week (particularly doing pictures--and what's a knitting blog without pictures!). I love the 'pot drawer' comments from earlier this week! There was no smoking in my university rez, so I don't think pot was the mood enhancer of choice for most...but booze...I think someone tried to tap into the plumbing once....)

OMG!!! I got a comment (the post with the lace baby blanket) from Bonne Marie of Chic Knits!!!! I'm so flabbergasted!! I had visited her blog and read about her giant Rowan jacket and her plea of what to do with it now. I left a comment about my own Kaffe Fassett cardigan dilemma, and my 'series' "Timeless Tuesday". She left me an email saying she loves the "Timeless Tuesday" idea (look for a button soon! OMG!!). Then I'm scanning my old entries when I checked in today, and there's a comment from her! I have enough yarn stashed away to make 3 Ribbi Cardigans, and a couple of CeCe's. And the newest pattern is also on my list now! I just haven't bought the patterns yet cause our computer is so old, I'm a little wary of downloading things, and the printer (NOT old), won't print in black. I think it needs a new print head. But we'll get that sorted out soon for certain now! OMG!!

Okay...a day late, but here it is:
Was it worth the wait? LOL. The green/blue ones should be a little brighter teal. Those are the six squares I made after getting the big Vogue Book of Knitting (the older one) from the library. I was going to make a bunch of those squares! I still did not know about gauge and stitch patterns.

I also--despite having the book right there--was inconsistent with the decreases I used. I'm not sure why I changed them. I'm also not sure why I thought yarn from the dollar store would make a good blanket.

In this square, something happened and the wrong side became the right side. That would be fine if it were a mobius, LOL.
So, I finally got them out last year, and crocheted around them. I tried to make each one become the same size by how much black border I added, but even that didn't work out. I had planned to take it to the OSPCA...surely a cat would enjoy it. Don't know why it's still here!

And a little bonus!
This is "Mosaic Vest" from Kaffe Fassett. It's pretty firm! Still knitting with worsted and getting a DK gauge! This was to use up yarn. The dark grey is from my grey and white sweater, the light blue is from the cat sweater, the pinks and greens are from the cardigan last week. Although some of the yarns are slightly heathered, it still doesn't have the look of the original (although on the display on my camera, it actually looked rather good). The back....I didn't want to take the time to do the colourwork, so I did the outlines in two shades of grey. Wasn't happy with it, but it got done. The stair stepped shoulders are cast off and grafted, the side seams were mattress stitched, the bands were hems with a turning I really did start to improve my techniques with this one. The buttons are FIMO, made by me. A little too thick though.
The issue with this one (other than the flammability) is the fit. The shoulders are too wide. I don't know if it was a man's pattern, or a unisex pattern, or a victim of the '90s, but they are just too wide. And too much work to make narrower. I could almost wear this one in public...but the way the shoulders flare up at the outer edge reminds me of something...