Monday, August 28, 2006

Spewey Huey

I had another great kid quote the other day. So great, I was going to log in and just post it. But life happened, and now I can't remember what it was.

Got home from Bancroft on Friday and found out on Sat. that Rob's dad was in the hospital with a major infection. So we zipped off to Oshawa, and I played in Alexandra Park with the kids while Rob went in, then we all went in for a few minutes.

On the way back, I knitted on Lucy's LuLu Einstein Jacket. Garter stitch might be easy for travel, but after two hours, it hardly showed any progress! But very soft and cute. It might be a little hard to count the ridges though (2013--I have no idea what jacket this is.  Did I finish it?  I know I made her a garter stitch sweater in LuLu.  This is a picture of the LuLu sweater, made on the diagonal in garter stitch).

Still working on the lace baby blanket in Zephyr. Time to pick a new pattern and count stitches and plan the next section. Night time stuff after the kids are asleep, as long as my brain is still functioning.

Got the back and left front of the Astra wrap cardigan off my knitting machine. Started the other front piece today. Okay, it's one row done, but it's started, LOL.

Sewing some pajama pants for the kids. Couldn't find a pattern that had the pants and top both in flannel/cotton. So they are getting just pants for now. It's been a real learning experience :) Like, how come the front pieces are bigger than the back pieces? Shouldn't there be room for their bum? Huey asks "Where's the tag? How do I know which is the back?" I cut out the seam allowance so it looked like a tag, but I did it on the bigger side...thinking it was the back. His pants are leopard spots! And Lucy's are pastel rainbow stripes. Never got to the fabric department at Wal-Mart during lunch time. It was terrible.

Lucy wants a hair cut! I think she's learned not to cut her own hair now!

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