Friday, September 01, 2006

Catastrophic Event Averted

I'm working on the Wrap Cardigan on my KnitSmart. It's a Sirdar pattern, which means I have to convert it for the machine. This would be fairly simple if Sirdar used schematics, but they don't. So, anytime it says "Work until piece measures X inches" I have to find out how many rows that is. I did it before I started any knitting on the cardigan, lest I get surprised. These pattern, because of the lace and the shaping, actually had very little to convert. But that didn't stop me from screwing up!

I'm working on the first sleeve. I did the lower straight portion then started in on the increasing. Then I realized I wanted to shorten the sleeves. I didn't feel like taking it off and starting again, so I let it go. Then I saw there would be a straight portion I could do the shortening in later. Got the increasing done. Then it says "Work until piece measures X, Y, Z". I looked at my notes and saw that this was note #3, and I should work 126 rows. So, I set the row counter, and went to bed.

When I awoke, I had a sudden thought (quite hard to do after the miserable Megan night last night). 126 rows seemed like ALOT considering that I've already done all the increasing, and these are raglan sleeves, so there's still the decreasing to do.

Indeed, when I figured 126 rows.....that meant all the rows done to the end of the straight portion, including the earlier straight portion and the increasing portion. So, now I have to go back and figure out how many rows were in the increasing section (I think it actually gave a row count for that). Considering the brain fuzz I'm working through today, I am more pleased that I found this error before I started, than mad/annoyed that I didn't clue in earlier. Whew. No ripping out needed!

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