Thursday, September 07, 2006


School's back! Huey started grade one, and Lucy started JK.
 I got the 2nd sleeve of the wrap cardigan knit up to the armhole! I've got mounds of laundry to fold, but hey, at least it's clean :)
Kitchener.....the city, not the stitch! I never spend a lot of money there during the knitter's fair, but I am SO looking forward to it. The drive is nice, the location is nice, the price is right, the yarns are great...
The baby blanket....had to tink 230 stitches. About half of one round. Lost vital knitting time on the drive back from Bancroft. Stupid mistake. No way to fudge it either, not just a lost yarn over. I knit a round that was supposed to be patterned.
Moved on...

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