Monday, September 11, 2006

They're Dyeing in There

On Saturday I took Megan to the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Fair. She went last year too, but didn't see anything :)
Met up with Sandra ( and Susan ( and shopped till Megan got fussy, then her and I went outside. Note to self (and others). If you get into the backseat of your vehicle...make sure the child locks are off before you close the door. And if you park next to me so closely that I can't open my door to get in (and I'm not huge), or get my baby in, you will get a nasty note on your windshield.

After lunch Megan fell asleep so I decided to go to the seminar about dyeing with Wilton dyes (which I had actually done, but I wanted to find out the 'right' way to do it, LOL). Megan woke up as soon as everyone clapped during the introduction. I was sitting next to the door incase we needed a quick exit, and I overhead from the hallway "They're dyeing in there". LOL. It was certainly hot enough I felt like I might pass out!
I bought Interweave Knits Fall 2006 issue for Lace Pt. 2...however it's a little late to help me out with the baby blanket. I'm not as thrilled with the patterns as with the previous two issues. Oh well, I don't exactly need new patterns anyway. I bought a short kaliedescope for the kids, and a tall one for me, two balls of sock yarn (haven't used last year's sock yarn), and ordered a wire blocking kit...hopefully it will come right when I'm done the baby blanket, LOL. I really want to start knitting socks again (how many times did I say that Susan?). With a slightly thicker sock yarn (don't like heavier than DK), I can do them on my LK150. So that might help.

But I've got LOTS to finish up before then! And Thursday is the Georgetown guild's first night--I'm skipping out early on my kid's new school's Meet the Teacher BBQ!!


CatBookMom said...

Hi,love your blog! I'm a blogger only since Friday, so I'll be asking you for help. But I saw your question on Sandra's blog, so thought I'd pass along a tip. When you are composing your post, highlight the words you want to be a link. Then click on the little link icon at the top, next to the left-and-right justify icons. That will give you a tiny box with a place to insert a web address. This works for me, and I found it in the help section. Hope it works!

Lucky Canuck said...

Tracy, the Patons Merino I have is not worth a drive but I can mail it to you if you want to cover the post. There are some partial balls that won't yield much at this point, and a couple of full balls. Colours are dull - cream, green, brown. I also have the Lopi if you want that too.

Lemme know! Email me through my regular sympatico account.

TracyKM said...

Catbookmom! You have a picture IN your comment!! OMG! First off... a face to attach to your name! And second...a PICTURE in the comment, LOL!
Thanks for the instructions! I will try that on the next post!