Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Timeless Tuesday

I'm about to reveal a sweater that I admitted last week I actually wore in public. While the sins of the Grey and White Sweater were mainly on the insides, the sins of this sweater are....well, the entire sweater.

Yes, a Mary Maxim picture sweater. Of my cat. The cat given to me by my ex; the sweater kit was a gift from his parents, a month before the demise of our long term relationship. I finished this spring of 95.
The photo on the left shows my attempt at sewing the shoulder seams. I got one shoulder done like that, after many attempts, but could NOT get the other shoulder to look the same. Finally, somehow, it worked, and I had two matching, although strange, shoulder seams. The other photo shows what happens if you don't cast off in ribbing by ribbing. I added the grey stripe--again, I just had to modify the pattern. As well, I didn't fold the collar down inwards and sew it down; it seemed too bulky. The other lovely details are the unmatched neck decreases, not fully fashioned, and that attractive hole on the right from picking up the neckband sts.
I wore this sweater (somewhat) proudly, answering the question a million times "Is that a picture of your cat?". How clever was I to have knitted a picture of my very own cat, LOL!


smariek said...

I bet people didn't see the "design features" you see. My SIL, who loves cats, would wear that sweater.

Why is it called a Mary Maxim picture sweater? I mean, I know MM sells yarn and stuff; they send me a catalog now and then. Do they create some sort of sweater kit from a photo you send them?

TracyKM said...

Mary Maxim used to sell ALOT of sweater kits with all sorts of pictures. Trains, dogs, cats, construction trucks...they seemed to have a kit for a sweater with just about any picture you could imagine. If you went to their store (Paris, Ontario), they'd make up the kit with whatever colours you wanted; by catalogue I think you could only choose the main colour. They were instantly recognizable by other knitters as being a "Mary Maxim kit". Now adays, they only have a few kits available, mainly for kids.
I have seen at a knitter's fair a small company that was doing the same sort of thing. She had a huge binder of animals, things, etc that you could buy the pattern for, I think. Perhaps made in a nicer, and finer, yarn than the Mary Maxim worsted weight would have helped this sweater, LOL.