Saturday, October 28, 2006

Your Opinion Please!

Went to get the mitten/hat yarn this morning....Lens Mill doesn't have the new colours of Patons Decor! So disappointed. So we choose Shetland Chunky. I know it's not a lot of wool in it, but any amount is better than mitts made out of Canadiana/Satin/Super Saver. Also picked up some odd balls of Decor to add to the bag, LOL. And some Divine :) OH, I LOVE that yarn. Like wearing a bunny. A nice purple colour to add some trim to Lucy's hat/mitts.

Took the kids downtown for trick or treating. Lots of fun! Lots of loot. Several stores ran out--last year there wasn't a good turnout. Lucy even got a carnation at the flower store because they only had one treat left...which Huey grabbed, LOL. As we turned to leave the jeweler store, the owner called out "Have you been to China?" I thought...what the ? Then I realized she'd seen Megan in the MT carrier on my back. The woman was Chinese. She was very impressed :) She said her husband wouldn't let her wear her babies out in public, only at home, because people would think she's crazy :( So we chatted for a minute, but I still don't know how to pronounce Mei Tei (Mai Tei? Mei Tai? I'll have to look it up again!).

Thanks for the lovely comments on the blanket! I try to plan it so if I take it to knitting group, I'm working on a plain knit row! Hee Hee. Really shocks the ladies when my fingers fly, LOL. Otherwise, it's for boring road trips, not-too-late nights, and afternoon soaps :)

Opinion time! The older kids are Huey, Lucy, and what shall Megan be? Meggy, or Meggie? Her middle name is Anne. I think Meganne would be neat....but cause the problems that we hate with unusual names, LOL.

No pictures today? Forgot to take some while trick or treating!


smariek said...

Well, if you're trying to keep the -y trend, then go with Meggy, however I'm really not too crazy about that particular spelling. I prefer Meggie a little more, though I can see people confusing it wath Maggie for some reason. Really like Meganne though, as it is unique and it's really not _that_ unusual, is it?

The jewelry store owner probably doesn't see too many people using the Mei Tai in your area. Have seen some people here (we have a good size Asian population here), but they're still outnumbered by the Baby Bjorners. I know my mom used an MT with me, and if I recall correctly, it was pink/red. Should ask mom if she still has it somewhere.

Kay said...

Wish I could make those cute hats, I am so new at this and ~~don't know how to even start a hat! I have a USM.... They are precious........and your work is nice, don't know how you do all the knitting with the young family.