Thursday, November 16, 2006

A bit More on the Icon Sweater

Huey thought the sweater in the last post was a puzzle too. They're not as hard to make as they look actually. Because of the geometric nature of the ones I did, they flow very rhythmically and predictably. However, they do become much more dated looking than say, a traditional Fair Isle design. I'm hoping after Christmas to do some Fair Isle patterns, using this dyeing idea.


CatBookMom said...

It's a fabulous feeling, isn't it?

Some years back I got a big 'retention bonus' from a company which, sadly, imploded from a leveraged buyout (remember those?), an incentive to stay around to file the last tax returns. I banked it for a while :-) and then we used part of it to buy - ta da! - all new living room furniture, tables, chairs, sofa, etc. All coordinated. First and only time in my life so far, and probably won't happen again.

smariek said...

Yay on the new furniture! DH & I have decided not to get new furniture until after M grows up. (You won't believe how pock marked our coffee table has become over the past year!) Well, we'll probably pick up a toddler table/chairs set and toddler bed soon, but no adult furniture for us is the near future.