Sunday, November 19, 2006

Icon Update

I threw one sleeve of the Icon sweater into the wash, and it came out smelling MUCH nicer, and is also softer and drapeyer. So, now what to do with it? The front (or was it the back?) was ripped down past the neckline. I don't really feel like re-knitting it. I could make a pillow...but will I always look at it and think "That was once a great KF sweater..." and it doesn't go with our decor either. And what about all the other early projects? I wore the grey and white sweater yesterday, and the shape is hideous on me. It doesn't have a cosy feel, and I don't see much purpose of having it around, except for the good laugh of using hot glue on a knitted item.

I think after Timeless Tuesday I'm going to be AWOL for a bit so I can spend my computer time download the almost 200 pictures off the camera. It takes several minutes to do each picture! Then I want to update my Yahoo photo albums. I really want to get it done before Christmas so I can start fresh again in the new year!

I deleted a portion of this post, which was a chain email from my MIL about how your birthday indicates what kind of tree you if the comments don't make sense, that's why :)


z said...

fun :D i'm a Lime Tree. what are you?

i'd make the pillow out of the KF sweater... better than having it sit around doing nothing in a drawer/cupboard/box somewhere :D and you'll eventually start to think "yeah, it was a great KF sweater, but now it's a GREAT pillow". hehe.

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