Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Timeless Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

I've been having a lot of trouble posting this week (particularly doing pictures--and what's a knitting blog without pictures!). I love the 'pot drawer' comments from earlier this week! There was no smoking in my university rez, so I don't think pot was the mood enhancer of choice for most...but booze...I think someone tried to tap into the plumbing once....)

OMG!!! I got a comment (the post with the lace baby blanket) from Bonne Marie of Chic Knits!!!! I'm so flabbergasted!! I had visited her blog and read about her giant Rowan jacket and her plea of what to do with it now. I left a comment about my own Kaffe Fassett cardigan dilemma, and my 'series' "Timeless Tuesday". She left me an email saying she loves the "Timeless Tuesday" idea (look for a button soon! OMG!!). Then I'm scanning my old entries when I checked in today, and there's a comment from her! I have enough yarn stashed away to make 3 Ribbi Cardigans, and a couple of CeCe's. And the newest pattern is also on my list now! I just haven't bought the patterns yet cause our computer is so old, I'm a little wary of downloading things, and the printer (NOT old), won't print in black. I think it needs a new print head. But we'll get that sorted out soon for certain now! OMG!!

Okay...a day late, but here it is:
Was it worth the wait? LOL. The green/blue ones should be a little brighter teal. Those are the six squares I made after getting the big Vogue Book of Knitting (the older one) from the library. I was going to make a bunch of those squares! I still did not know about gauge and stitch patterns.

I also--despite having the book right there--was inconsistent with the decreases I used. I'm not sure why I changed them. I'm also not sure why I thought yarn from the dollar store would make a good blanket.

In this square, something happened and the wrong side became the right side. That would be fine if it were a mobius, LOL.
So, I finally got them out last year, and crocheted around them. I tried to make each one become the same size by how much black border I added, but even that didn't work out. I had planned to take it to the OSPCA...surely a cat would enjoy it. Don't know why it's still here!

And a little bonus!
This is "Mosaic Vest" from Kaffe Fassett. It's pretty firm! Still knitting with worsted and getting a DK gauge! This was to use up yarn. The dark grey is from my grey and white sweater, the light blue is from the cat sweater, the pinks and greens are from the cardigan last week. Although some of the yarns are slightly heathered, it still doesn't have the look of the original (although on the display on my camera, it actually looked rather good). The back....I didn't want to take the time to do the colourwork, so I did the outlines in two shades of grey. Wasn't happy with it, but it got done. The stair stepped shoulders are cast off and grafted, the side seams were mattress stitched, the bands were hems with a turning I really did start to improve my techniques with this one. The buttons are FIMO, made by me. A little too thick though.
The issue with this one (other than the flammability) is the fit. The shoulders are too wide. I don't know if it was a man's pattern, or a unisex pattern, or a victim of the '90s, but they are just too wide. And too much work to make narrower. I could almost wear this one in public...but the way the shoulders flare up at the outer edge reminds me of something...


z said...

i love your Timeless Tuesday posts too... it's a great idea :D

Sandra said...

The shoulder flare could either be bad flashbacks to Star Trek of the Linda Evans / Joan COllins days of Dynasty!
Other than the choice of fibres (as you said), the vest is stunning - a real feat of knitting. I've never been drawn to Kaffe Fasset - but I can appreciate the amount of work insomething like that.