Monday, November 27, 2006

Where is my Book?

Please help :)
I linked to the other day as a link from someone else's site, and she happened to show a picture of a boy and man wearing balaclavas (called face helmets in the book). Huey had just said he wanted one! I KNEW I had that very book in my collection of older books. I could picture it in my mind. I searched. I found another equally outdated winter headwear book, but not this one: I KNOW I have it. Where is it? I don't loan books. I don't think I've made a hat from an actual pattern in quite a while. In cmeknit's post with the picture, I can make out that it uses Canadiana, which is great because I'll probably use Decor (even though I might not get the EXACT same results, LOL). For the man's, you cast on 104sts, but I can't see the boy's pattern.
If you have the pattern/book and are coming on Thursday to my soiree, please bring it! Or, if you're not coming, could you just tell me how many to cast on, and how many rows/inches until the mouth opening...and how many stitches to cast off for that...You know, just drop it into a casual conversation....Please?

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