Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No Knitting

I haven't made any more little bitty Santa hats, or 'festive season' hats, but I did make these this morning:
Monday was Red & Green day, which we forgot about. Yesterday was Pajama Day. Huey wore his PJs in the morning, but when it was time for Lucy to go to school...she picked out her jammies, folded them neatly, and wouldn't put them on. Early in the fall they had a pajama party reading night at school, so she was thinking that the pj's were for later. She got to school and everyone was in their jammies. She suddenly got VERY clingy! Today is Elf Hat Day. Elf hats have to be green. They can't be a Fair Isle Stocking hat. Or a green balaclava. Huey went hatless this morning, but once we got home, I set to work! Guess who's getting the pink and green one, LOL. I'll stop by Huey's room to deliver the other one.
And Rob moans when I pick up bags of craft stuff at yardsales and thrift shops!! That big bag of felt from the Senior's Center Basement Yard Sale has saved the day :)

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