Friday, December 29, 2006

Thanks :)

Thank you for all the lovely comments! It's great when a non-knitter/recipient appreciates the item, acknowledges the time, talent, and tenacity needed, but to receive praise from other knitters is the ultimate! I feel like when an actor receives an award that was voted on by his industry peers.

The above picture is a detail of the outer pattern, the Interlocking Diamonds. I really like that pattern.

This is the edging that took the entire drive home from Bancroft. Well, I had the band of YO, K2tog done, all that was left was the cast off row. I wanted it a little more 'bobble-ly' and less picot-ish, but it's still nice. I cast off four, then chained 4, joined in the same st as I started from.

As mentioned, the center square is the Charlotte Doily. I had used it earlier for a cotton blanket/playmat: I had thought that doing a doily pattern in worsted weight cotton, would make it close to baby blanket size. Umm...not quite. I wish I had used larger needles for this blanket, and I also wish I had the blocking wires. I don't know if I stretched it at all when I blocked it. For the cotton blanket, I followed the pattern and knit the stitch between the increase yarn overs through the back loop. I didn't really like that, and this time, did it normally.

This is the very center of the blanket. I used the Emily Ocker cast on but it got a little skewed somehow.

I love how the silk content gives a little crispness to the blanket. The earlier lace blankets that I made/designed that were in acrylic do seem so beginner-ish now, although acrylic was probably the best choice for those recipients (including my own babies, LOL). I enjoy designing them, although I don't like the word 'design'. I just take patterns from the stitch dictionaries and put them together.

I had a few issues this time. Although I know about making sure to have equal number of YO/K2tog on the partial repeats at the edges of the wedges, I didn't always pay attention to how it would look overall. I became really aware of that with the band of single diamonds, and opted to not have any partial diamonds at the edges. But in the Feminine Diamonds sections....there's a few places I'm not impressed with. I also wish the ribbed triangle wedges in the Charlotte Doily matched up the pattern repeats of the next border.

And, I was really inspired by Stephanie's Wedding Shawl. I really wanted an edging like that! But I also wanted a life in the past 5 months, and I wanted to be able to give it on Christmas, wrapped, without worrying about the needles poking through the wrapping paper, LOL.

And can I make anything crappy? LOL. You know I'd post the pictures :) Have you been reading Timeless Tuesday since I started it? Hot glue and Fair Isle? Mary Maxim picture sweater? Kaffe Fassett in acrylic, in the wrong gauge? LOL. I've just made a hat on my LK150 that is a tad too big. I finally made the tassels. I was using a little kid's book to wrap. One tassel got wrapped the short way around, one tassel got wrapped the long way around! And I won't go into details about the ice scraper mitten I was working on yesterday. Or the many sweaters that just need buttons!

But tune in tomorrow when hopefully I'll have FO pictures of the hat, a pair of felted clogs, and...oh, I guess that's all :)


z said...

OMG Tracy!! the blanket turned out BEYOND GORGEOUS!!! i'm in awe of it and you!! AMAZING!!

congratulations on such a wonderful marvelously done project! you are so talented!

CatBookMom said...

Even prettier up close. What a fabulous gift!

About the blocking, some knitters say they get good results with strong thread worked through the outside points or border, then pulled tight and straight.

Lucky Canuck said...
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