Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mini Post

I am so backlogged in everything. My Yahoo groups emails, blog reading, laundry, vaccuuming, blog posting....
But tonight! Georgetown knitting group! I think it's a crochet night, which means I'll just sit there and knit! Or graft up Huey's socks that I just whipped up on the machine. What's silly is that through Nov. and Dec. I had nothing with yarn from the LYS so I could go there for knit nights. Now, all my projects are using their yarn, but I can't go there this week or next week! By then, I might be back to boring old stash yarn, LOL. I have almost used up that big purchase from before Christmas! And yes, I did just buy some more yesterday, but it's for a current project so it will get used immediately and not even become stash!
That's all for now, but expect lots of blogging next week as Rob's out of town for four nights :(

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