Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rob's Trip

No, not that kind of trip. His trip to Luxembourg. The phone rang this morning as I was unloading groceries. Rob unplugged the answering machine, so I ran to grab it, thinking it'd be the school again. When I heard Rob's voice, I knew he wasn't phoning to say his plane was 10 hours early! There's a big storm in Europe, and he's stuck for another night in Lux. Check out his hotel/casino! A total of 33 rooms, LOL. To find out more about Husky Luxembourg, go here. To find out more about Luxembourg, go here. It's tiny, 51 miles by 32 miles big, with only 420 000 people, and the largest proportion of inhabitants with foreign passports in all the EU. American Werewolf in Paris was filmed there. There are 6 golf courses, most within 30 minutes of the city. The furthest, at 50 minutes away, is considered in the "Far North" LOL. I don't think Rob was golfing.

Oh well, it could be worse. He could have been sent to Husky Buffalo, LOL.

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