Friday, January 19, 2007

A S.O.F.O.

It's 'finished', but only 'sort of'. A Sort Of Finished Object!

I had seen a pattern on the internet for mitts to put over your ice scraper. I thought I'd take it a bit further, and felt them. And hey, wouldn't flames going up your arms be cool? What would have been cool is if I had started just a little bit before two days before Christmas, LOL!

That's my size 8 1/2 slipper for comparison (isn't it funny that I was working on a blue/blue felted clog, and got blue/grey clogs for Christmas?). I actually liked the mitt in the photo better than real life. It was very lumpy in real life. I used all Classic Merino as I didn't want it to be fuzzy. But, I couldn't find it in a bright yellow, so had to go with Lopi. And, after doing the red cuff, realized that it would need to be knitted flat, doh! The flame chart is one of the charts for the Hot Tamale skirt from At first, I was going to wing it, but it's just not in me right now.

I used red, dark orange, gold, and yellow, but the dark orange is showing like the red. It didn't shrink as much lengthwise as I was hoping, and is a bit longer than I'd like. In a few places in the pattern, I repeated the same row a couple times because I knew it would felt more lengthwise than widthwise, and I didn't want to end up with short fat flames. I wanted them to still look elongated. And I found a stitch that I had dropped--and and found before felting--but forgot to sew in. Although it won't run, you can see it still.

It needs some ends trimmed, and I was going to de-fuzz the Lopi, but it also needs something to tighten the cuff so snow doesn't go in. I was going to knit a row of eyelets so I could do a drawstring, but I had

forgotten. The fabric is pretty stiff, so I don't know that a drawstring would have worked.

Rob says he likes it just the way it is (except the loose small opening) and he'd be happy to take it :) I don't have enough of the black in the Classic Merino, and I didn't like the yellow, so I went to my LYS and got some Headwaters Wool. We'll see how #2 turns out. And hopefully winter will stay around long enough for the lucky recipient to actually try it out!

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