Monday, February 12, 2007


Okay, okay. I bought some yarn. Thursday I was supposed to drive down to Georgetown for the monthly Halton Hands in Motion Knitting and Crochet Guild. Once again, the weather was CRAP. So I opted to go to the LYS Knit Night. Lucy had suddenly said she wanted pink and purple striped socks, instead of the marl yarn I just bought from Z. So, I happened to have some purple Headwaters fingering weight, and Sharon says it makes nice socks. So I needed pink. No problem. However, when I tried to cast on for the socks, I couldn't get the magic figure 8 (or whatever it was called) cast on (from to work out. BUT....our wonderful friend who used to own the LYS and now 'just' works quitting! To celebrate, we knitted with contraband yarns, LOL.

But pink sock yarn wasn't all. Oh no. Someone brought in a simple little sweater for her prince Harry. The same yarn was available in a pink print version. Exactly enough to make a sweater for princess Lucy. AND IT WAS ON SALE. Something like $1.63 for a 50g 90meter ball, 80% acrylic, 20% wool. Six balls for Lucy. So that wasn't too bad, was it? How about the other 20 balls in another colour to make something for someone else? Uh Huh. Maybe there'll be some left for me...

What I don't understand about this yarn (and many of the yarns in the store) is the tension given. On the sock yarn, it says 25m on the bottom of the grid, adn 3 gr. along the side! On this yarn I just bought, it says M15 on the bottom, and G18 on the side. But the needle size given is "3.5-4.5". There is no way you could knit this on 3.5mm needles. I might use 4.5mm for a sweater, but I don't think I'd get 15 sts to 4 inches. In my swatching, I got 13 1/2 st and 18 rows, which was a bit loose, and 15 st/21 rows, which was a bit stiff.

I'd show pictures, but I am almost done Lucy's sweater. If Megan had had a proper nap on Saturday, I probably would have been done! I'm doing it all on the machine this time, it's a very simple little sweater. But very cute! Stay tuned!


Lucky Canuck said...

My sock yarn is great. Love it! As for the roads, I might not being going up this week. It may be crappy weather down this way Tues/Wed, when I wanted to head up. I'm getting disappointed. :(

z said...

she's quitting?!

you mean, we can all get together on Thursday nights again somewhere and knit with whatever we please?

i am REALLY looking forward to having the whole group together again!! *jumps up and down in glee*!!!