Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's a Bootiful Day in the Neighbourhood

Yesterday was a rare, 'school closed' day. The kids' school is a 'no bus' school and as such, rarely has 'reason' to shut down. Even when half the teachers 'can't' make it in and they expect (me) the supply teachers to brave the roads, the school is still open. But not yesterday--a day when everybody was up bright and early. Well, early, anyway.

So, Megan is weaned. What a different experience, right from the start, then the other two kids. I had always planned to do the recommended 12 months, but didn't make it with the first two. But I had no plan for what would happen after 12 months, should that occur. And I would never had thought that day weaning would have come first, before night weaning. She's sleeping a little better at night now. Rob even slept with her one night! I couldn't believe it. It was still early; he didn't even try to get her in the crib or by herself on the futon, he just packed up his duvet and cozied up with her! She spent all last night in her crib, which is good, because one morning on the weekend she climbed up the ladder, over sleeping Huey, and played on the top bunk. Of course, he sleeps like a log--still making up for his first six months, LOL.
I'm hoping that this is a true turning point for us. More sleep is going to be very welcomed. The planned breast reduction is the next 'milestone'. Hopefully that will reduce my chronic neck pain, and now I'm not nursing I can take something anyway. I've got to watch what I'm eating though. Between fewer nursings, and not walking to school anymore, I put on a few pounds over the past two months. Easy on, definitely NOT easy off. I didn't lose any weight from the walking to school, but it helped balance my huge appetite!

Today Huey had skating with his class. Lucy, Megan and I got there early--too early! Finally the kids showed up, and with Megan strapped to my back I helped at least 5 kids get skates on. Oh, for the days when just about every mom would be there! Although, it is great to see so many dads at things like this, and picking up the kids after school. Huey really enjoys skating (even though he is still shuffling, not skating). We let him know it was going to be hard, and he did have a bad day once last year, but by the last session last year, he got yelled at to slow down! LOL. I nearly cried. This is the boy who still has training wheels and is afraid of going down curbs. We didn't stay too long, Lucy was bored and hungry, but he was trying to skate backwards! He only gets to go twice this year, and next time is with the afternoon kindergarten kids, so Lucy will be out there too. She gave it a try last weekend, but didn't last too long. It was an outdoor rink, so I had Megan on my back, but no skates. Megan slept through the whole thing. Wish I had put my skates on! But I don't think the arena folk would like me out there with a baby on my back :(

Huey's socks: Not much to say. I finally found the lost one. But he tried to wear them with his skates, and they made the skates too tight. So I don't think he's going to be wearing them. We'll try one more time (not with skates) and if he still refuses, into the craft sale box. Hopefully Lucy will like hers.
The pair I'm HK right now are going SO fast! I figured out a way to add a bit of length to the back short row heel, and I know now to start with more than 8 sts at the toe (even though that's what I end top down socks with). I'm not too keen on the handpainted yarn's colours, and I sort of wish I had paired it with the purple, but I ain't ripping now. The end is in sight! I'm liking this HK sock thing now. It's been so long since I've done a pair by hand. I don't remember them going this fast before. However, I probably had several projects on the go at the same time back then. I don't know that I'm going to become a monogamous knitter, but it sure makes things go faster!

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