Monday, February 26, 2007


Thanks for indulging me while I go off on parenting rants. It's hard right now to separate the knitting side and the parenting side of my life. I guess it will be that way for at least another 17 years, LOL.

And thanks for the suggestions of colours to go with the purple sock yarn. I think the colour is "Iris". There is a solid "Sage" which I think it was CatBookMom that suggested sages/pale greens. That would be really pretty. I don't think I could dye it myself--I'd be afraid of getting minty green, or having it too dark. Lucky suggested browns/tans, and there is a "Toffee" colour that is nice. I could probably dye tans myself. There is also "Pussy Willow" which is a dark grey, I think too dark though, and "Ecru" which shows on my screen as grey as well. A light grey, or a dark dark grey would also work. Although I am strangely attracted to the "Green Apple" and "Carribean Waters". I wonder if we're going to be passing through Durham anytime soon.... Yes, I could call Buffy and see if she has anything handpainted in those colours, LOL. Although the solid colours are nicely shaded enough that when worked in a pattern would show as 'handpainted'.

I've realized that I don't often post pictures of WIPs. Perhaps I'm afraiding of jinxing myself and they'll become UFOs. Or maybe it's just because of the lousy way we have to download. However, I see now that Blogger will take .bmp files, which is how our pictures end up when we download, until I then go into another program and crop/edit/save them as .jpg. But if they come off the camera without needing additional tweaking, then I might just start doing more :)

Back to Lucy's sock. Which is purple and pink. And the Baby Surprise Jacket which is violet, lilac, periwinkle and grey. Mmmm...maybe that's enough purple for now!

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Sandra said...

Come out to Aurora - Needles and Knits has Buffy's handpaint. (I have 6 of them, myself...)
I' try to post pics of them - delicious!