Monday, March 19, 2007

Sock Curse

What was up with that last post? I do recall having a heck of a time signing in. How do you all do it? When I use the Blogger start page, it never fully loads, and if I click sign in with Google, it never works either. I usually go to someone else's blog, leave a comment, and get logged in that way. I noticed on Friday that there was a 'New Post' heading and used it to make the post, but there were no options, like centering, bold, links, or pictures. But what was I writing about? Totally strange.

Anyway....a sock curse. I love knitting socks. Some of my earliest ones, back in 1999/2000 were pretty lame, then I slacked off for a while. Why? They make great little projects. Although way back then, there weren't all the great sock yarns there are now, so you had to use a pattern or create your own, and I could never do things the easy way!
But since I've gotten back to socks, I'm not doing too great either. Huey' pair too big, the other pair he wore for 10 seconds. My pink/red ones...they didn't shrink the first time I washed them, but for some reason, they did shrink this time. They were a tad small for me, but now they are just a bit too big for Lucy. My blue lace ones that I reknit the foot last fall/winter....there's no hole yet in the other one, but any day now. And, the biggest kicker of all....I was emptying the dryer, and a blue Shelridge sock fell out! The ones I just finished! Argh! Both were in the dryer. They did felt somewhat, and shrink a little. The baby cable rib is no longer quite stretchy, so they bag and sag :( If I knew someone with slightly smaller feet than me I would pass them on. How sad. I can still wear them, and they are certainly still warm, but just not so fresh looking. On a good note....I did get back a pair of Kroy socks I left at my parents....but forgot my only slippers there!
Oh, that's something I wrote. Sock yarn doesn't count, does it? LOL. I went shopping on Friday, just me and Megan! Spent more than I thought I would, but it's stuff I'll be using right away.
And, I finished Lucy's purple and pink striped socks. She wore them to school this afternoon, even though they desperately need to be washed! Glad she likes them!

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