Wednesday, April 04, 2007


What would life be without issues? LOL. Sandra mentions copyright issues with my jotting down The Harlots' tips on measuring, head sizes, etc. I had a few concerns about copyright too. I had meant to put the book info in that last post but forgot to go back once I grabbed the book. So here it is: "Knitting Rules!" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Published by Storey Publishing, 210 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams, MA 01247, copyright 2006 by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. It does say that a reviewer may quote, with appropriate credits, brief passages (or reproduce illustrations), in a review. I did give a bit of a review :) I am no way attributing the information to myself, I did acknowledge the author, and I did not reproduce exactly, or directly, the information. I'm sure it could be found on any number of sites, such as Bevscountrycottage. If the Harlot has an issue that she somehow is the sole keeper of the statistics of head and foot sizes, then I will bow to her and remove the info :)

Something that had really surprised me a while ago, is when Grumperina posted pictures of just about all the patterns in Victorian Lace Today. Now, someone like me could take one of those pictures and create a similiar article. Which, admittedly, I have done with a hat pattern. Now, usually I am a copyright follower. I do copy patterns from library books under the "Personal Use" clause, and I have copied a free mitten pattern (undated) under the "Educational Use" clause. I don't copy friends' patterns, I don't give out copies of paid patterns. So, I'm hoping my good copyright karma will come around and be on my side for this one :)

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CatBookMom said...

Being a copyright keeper sometimes makes me feel like I've got a stick up my a@@. I was that way about not allowing cribbing in school. Goody Two-Shoes, that's me.

Recently a friend and I got together and I liked a pattern in a pricey collection she'd just bought. She offered to copy it for me, and as politely as possible I refused. So I drove quite a ways to buy a copy myself; at half-price it was a good deal! And I've also had to turn down a request from one of my knitting seniors for a copy of a Knitting-Calendar-a-Day pattern. She's copied a purchased pattern and shared it with the other ladies; I refused to take a copy, and she just doesn't get why.

I've emailed several of the pattern designers from the calendar for permission to use their patterns for our charity purposes, and all who have responded have been gracious and willing for their designs to be used for charity.

It's damned hard to do the right thing and not feel like I'm the only one on the planet doing it. Glad to know you and others are of the same frame of mind.