Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Knitting Rules

My library had a new copy of the Yarn Harlot's "Knitting Rules" so I grabbed it a few weeks ago. I love her blog but didn't have any idea of what the book is about. It's a handy book, I guess. I have to say, although I love her blog, the book is written in the same way....and gets a little annoying after awhile. So read it bit by bit.
There are lots of little tidbits in it that I'd like to be able to remember, but I have no remembering ability anymore, so I'm going to jot them down here.

Head Sizes:
Preemie--12" Small newborn--13" Large newborn--14"
1 year--17" 2-5 years--18" 5-10 years--19"
Small adult--20" Large adult 24"
In humans older than 6, a person's head circumference is about three times the width of their outstretched hand, measured thumb to pinkie.
The distance from the base of a person's palm to the tip of the longest finger is = to the height of a hat from cast on edge to the point where you begin decreasing. For people over 6.
Distance to knit to crown
Baby--5" Toddler--5 1/2" Child 6" Small adult--6 1/2 to 7 1/2" Large adult--7 1/2" to 8 1/2"

The length of a person's foot is about 15 percent of his height.
The length of a person's foot measures the same as that person's forearm (elbow to wristbone).
Baby--shoe size 0--3" length
Kids--2--4" Kids--5--5" Kids 8--6" Kids 11--7"
Women's extra small--3--8" small--6--9" medium--9--10" large--12--11"
Men's small--5--9" medium--8--10" large--11--11" extra large--14--12"
But how big around?!
Average woman's socks, 2.5mm, 7.5st/inch Cast on 64sts, leg length, 7". Foot length 5" from back of heel, toe dec. done every other row till 16sts remain.

Men's dress scarf--12"x60" long winter scarf 10"x80" women's small tuck in scarf 8"x40"
12x60" Chunky--300yds, Worsted 400yds, DK--520yds, Fingering--540yds
10x80" Chunky--330yds, Worsted--445yds, DK--575yds, Fingering--600yds
8x40" Chunky--130yds, Worsted--175yds, DK--230yds, Fingering--240yds
All knit in stockinette.

There is also a good chart for the burn test, but it's also on the web, and it's time for lunch.

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Sandra said...

although this information is sort of common knowledge, I'm not sure of the copyright issues of reprinting info from a book. You may want to check on that...