Monday, April 16, 2007


Earlier, I was I'm a loser. Okay, not quite. We're not losers, we're mis-placers. Somewhere in this house is the camera. Somewhere safe where the kids won't get it. And apparently it's such a safe place, I can't get it either! So, my finished and blocked Flower Basket Shawl will have to wait. I'd love to take pictures outside too, but it'd be nice if it were spring first. Everything outside is the same colour as the shawl.

You want to know the funny thing about that Star Trek song? I never liked Star Trek! So, I figured I've seen Jayne pictures from Catbookmom's blog (memo....check my links to see if I've added her yet, now that she has also found herself again, LOL). And Jayne reads Emma, and Emma read me so I commented on Emma's blog.....but'd you find me? LOL. She's the lawyer in Salt Lake City? Mmmm....Miriam (MimKnits) is in SLC too, right?.....connection? This is fun, like a modern day chain letter. Or Friendship cake. Yum. Does anyone still make/share Friendship cake?

I've got a baby blanket on the Singer 327. Using a punchcard tuck stitch design. It started out so fun! Just zip zip zip and the design magically appears. But now, after several inches, I'm getting bored!!! It's just zip zip zip. Sure, it's fast, and near perfect, but now requires no brain function. Except for when Megan thinks she'd like a turn. Her idea of 'knitting' is to stab the piece with the transfer tools, and pull the latches forward/back. I've taken to covering up the beds now!

Off to look for the camera some more. Or maybe I'll sit and watch All My Children :)

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