Thursday, April 05, 2007

Passed Test #1

Today was Lucy's first speech therapy in Shelburne. She had been going to the O'ville hospital for it, but the ER suddenly decided just before Christmas that they wanted to hire someone, and that someone would need an office, and that office should be at the other end of the hospital from the ER---in the therapy department. And that the observation room between two speech therapy rooms (it has two way mirrors to view the adjacent rooms) would not be suitable for the new staff, so the entire speech department needed to rework their schedules so they could give up one office. Almost all of the SLP are working moms. They already have a waiting list. The chief guy is Lucy's SLP and I think it was him that gave up an office. He also works out of the Shelburne 'hospital' though. With the revised schedule, he could offer us Monday afternoon at O'ville, or Thursday morning at Shelburne. Lucy has school in the afternoon. Since it would be SPRING, we opted to drive the 20 minutes north to Shelburne. Not a big hardship--I could go to Woolly's finally.

Then, Knit From Your Stash 2007 started. I was a good girl today :) Nine more weeks to go!

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