Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Whatcha Doin' for Easter?

This little fella lives under the pine tree in our front yard. We met him the week after we moved in last May, when suddenly Cooper (our Golden Retriever) suddenly took off down the road at top speed. In the fall, I left all the rose hips on our rose bush, hoping to encourage the birds to come. I never noticed any birds, but someone ate the rose hips. Then, as the snow built up, the twigs on the bush started disappearing, and gnaw marks were showing up on the main stems. I decided it was time to offer an alternative. I got some squirrel/wildlife food. At first, he ate just about it all, then became picky as the winter went on and he could depend on us. LOL. We'd see him at dusk, and Rob would see him at dawn. Now that's it's warmer, we also see him during the day.
We chose this house because of the mature trees. Now Rob complains about the bird mess, and my rose bush is all chewed up. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy,

I know all about those bad rabbits.
This year they got my roses,quince forsythia. If I can get him into the live trap you can have a pair and the a bunch of bunnies for the kids.