Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bad Babywearing

I got this picture in an email from my MIL, with a bunch of other cute baby pictures. This is admittedly a cute baby picture, but it is BAD babywearing! I can't believe that two people doing this found themselves together at the same time, where someone had a camera.
See the legs dangling straight? That means the baby is supported by the crotch. It's not funny when someone gives you a wedgie in grade 6, it's not fun when your own parent does it at 6 months. All the baby's weight is put on their lower spine, puting them at risk for spinal stenosis. And, a baby that age can't stand alone, and put weight on their legs...that means the baby is supported like this for who knows how long, in an unnatural position for their physiological age.
Second, see the baby on the right, see how low the support is; how far forward the baby is leaning? Not safe! And if this baby was on your front in this position it would be very painful on your shoulders and back.
Third, who knows what's going on behind you! It might not be another charming baby sticking their fingers in your baby's face! How can the baby retreat if it's over-stimulated, tired, cold?

Western society is supposed to be so advanced. We've got all these gadgets and gizmos to make life and baby raising easier. But in the end, is it good for the baby; is it good for our society? Sometimes I think the African woman with her baby tied to her hip with a simple piece of cloth has it right.


z said...

you make good points :)

but the picture looks *so* staged to me. everyone is so perfectly centered, dressed, etc.

TracyKM said...

Of course, with your baby slung over your shoulder like a handbag, you too can carefully coif your hair and do your make up without those pesky little hands getting in the way :)
The other pictures in the email were the cute type--baby asleep on his dinner, boy riding on Daddy's shoulders and there's a wet streak down his back, those types of shots.
Stomach is still churning but haven't tossed my cookies since 1:00. Rob comes home and goes to bed because he is 'so sick'. I was counting on him to take over! Men. Wimps.

Andrea Tordoff said...

This was actually an Advertisement on Television here in the US. I can't remember the product being promoted, but it wasn't babywearing!

jayne said...

I can totally believe it's an ad for something. It looks too perfect (apart from the bad baby wearing). Cute shot though.

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