Sunday, May 20, 2007

Finding Me

Years ago (or so it seems) I got a pop-up for I did all the free parts, but I won't pay for the deluxe edition. I thought I was being clever by sneaking my email address into a profile question. Just recently I got an email to my other address from someone, so I thought I'd check out the website again and see what it says about me, LOL, and who else is there.
It's pretty stupid that unless you're a Gold member, you can't see who checked your profile, or email people...I see that it says that part of my profile is not available for general viewing because it might be obsence, or I might have an email address in it. Well, of course it isn't profane, LOL. So I changed it to tracykm AT yahoo DOT com instead of the other way. Lets see if anyone finds me now.
I also googled my married name and nothing came up :( So, maybe if I put it here, that might get noticed? Tracy Vetzal. There. Someone find me! I miss all my old friends, I should never have let my old boyfriend lead me away.....There are some folks I need to make amends with, some I'd just like to catch up with. And the next reunion isn't until 2011. LOL.

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