Friday, May 25, 2007

I've got Rhythm!

Who could ask for anything more?!
Who would have thought it'd take one college diploma and three university degrees to get this thing, the size of a business card, working?! The problem--the jacks on the back of the stereo were not 'output' they were aux/video....which someone one is supposed to know are for inputting only. I thought I'd try recording from my 'Walkman' using the headphone jack....and bingo! But of course, my home stereo uses a big headphone jack, so back to Radio Shack for another $8 converter thingy. And I KNOW it's not Radio Shack anymore, but I just can't call it 'The Source'. So now, I am transferring an eclectic mix of music from CDs chosen at random from my 250 CD collection...the downside is that I have to listen through the headphones so I'm pretty much stuck here at the stereo which is beside the computer....I can't watch TV or make dinner, LOL. And we can't figure out how to erase the crap we recorded last night when trying to get it to work. The microphone recording feature was interesting....and there is no way to input the names of songs. Everything is labelled with the date and time (which is of course, wrong).

Would you like to know how we fared when we gave up and decided to try burning a CD on the computer with pictures and other stuff....

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