Monday, May 14, 2007

Just call me Blondie

Blondness stikes again. I want to make the Lotus Tank, from the cover of last summer's (?) Interweave Knits. I made a test swatch with my substitute yarn. I even cast off and WASHED it. It was a touch on the big side, but felt good, and I didn't want to 'waste' more yarn doing another swatch. It languished on the table for awhile while I finished the two pairs of socks. I thought it was time to cast on the 200 sts. I can't find the circular needle I used and had left conviniently on my desk, but had stupidly picked up while cleaning/organizing my needles. I think it was 3.75mm. But it could have been 4mm. So, if I cast on anyway with 3.5mm, I assume that at some point I'll realized that I had used 4mm and was thinking of using 3.75mm to knit the tank instead. If I use 4mm needles, I'll realize that what I made the swatch in and I should have used 3.7mm. If I use 3.75mm it'll turn out that's what I did the swatch with.

Trying to be tidy bites you in the butt everytime!

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Cindy G said...

(G) Yeah, I have several swatches that I meant to label with the needle size as soon as they were dry. I really, really did mean to do that..... Sigh!