Friday, June 15, 2007

An Assortment

Isn't it interesting how some names immediately call to mind a particular image, or how when you hear what someone's name is, you say "Yup, I could've guessed!". I was at a store yesterday and the cashier was named "Flo". Create your own picture, LOL. I didn't think that name was allowed near the Golden Horseshoe. She was charming. The dress I bought; not so much. It has ALL the right elements. A halter neck--could never wear that before because of bra issues and the neck arthritis. A slightly overlapped, empire waist, a wide 'cumberbun' with horizontal stripes right below the bust to emphasis the narrow area, and diagonal stripes on the skirt that actually met fairly well, pointing upwards, at the front center seam. I felt like "What Not To Wear" and remembering all the rules. Except the rule to try things on, even with a toddler in a stroller. I put it on at home, and looked in the bathroom mirror. I am short; the mirror is high. What I saw was awesome! Then I went to a different mirror to see a little further lower :( I have always had a tummy. No matter what I weigh, below the belt bulges out. I wouldn't mind so much if I was just a little apple, but I am a sideways hourglass. It's not pretty, I can't just say "This is how I am" it's disproportionate and worse since having kids and I've never been happy about it. I was planning on having liposuction but after this surgery, I don't think it will be in the cards for awhile. But I want it even more than before!

There's two of the reasons I need lipo! LOL. Huey's 7th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.

So....what's up now? I appreciate all your concern! I never want to cause anyone to worry, I'm not one to enjoy attention (despite the fact that I blog, LOL). I'm not going to take the kids out of school, even if it's the last two weeks. But I am certainly considering the Bancroft Spa after that. Wed. night started out lousy. I had emailed Rob saying he had to be home to take the kids to soccer cause there was NO way I could take all three. He had truck problems again and got home right when we had to leave and was pissed when I said there wasn't much for dinner, bring the salad with you. Then it started to rain. I opened the back hatch of the truck and the stroller rolled out. From inside the truck he yelled something nasty at me and I fired something even worse back. I suppose it doesn't help your cause when you yell a swear word at someone while telling them not to swear at you! I'm sure the neighbours heard me. They are feisty sounding Portuguese and haven't spoken to me since the first week we lived here. I'm sure they won't now, LOL. So we zoom off for soccer and the rain gets heavy. Rob says "Just my luck I'll get in an accident". I said "Well, you're driving 100 (km/hr= 62 mph), in a 70 zone on a road that is slick with a sudden downpour and your wipers are on the slowest intermittent speed. It won't be an accident." That didn't slow him down too much, but at least shut him up. We got there, the skies were blue and sunny but still thunder, so the night was cancelled. This is Ontario's tornado alley! When we got back he worked on the truck, put the kids to bed and tidied up some.

Yesterday, he came home late again (after 7:15) but I hadn't gotten the kids upstairs yet so he had dinner, complained, and put the kids to bed (taking WAY too long, and ending with Huey melting down) but I stayed out of it. He actually asked how I was doing :) and I answered honestly and I think that quieted him down a little more. He said to take the Tylenol #3 again, but I don't like the side effects. I was really sore yesterday, the swelling seemed really bad, and painful. Once I took off the bra I felt alot better. Rob seemed in a much better mood, and his complaining did not feel like a personal attack this time.

I'm not trying to defend him, or make excuses, but I know he is really stressed about work lately. He's like the kid that is awesome at school, but a total basket case at home. But at least he's an adult and should realize that personally attacking me because I could not see through the metal portion of the back hatch, will not make work any less stressful!! And I've told him many times that he can complain silently all he wants, LOL, but he needs to watch what he says, especially when the kids are around.

I'm holding firm, and not vacuuming, not baking cookies, not draining the kiddie pool, not scrubbing the disgusting toilets or the chocolate chip cookie ring around the bathtub. I did do a bit of laundry this morning while I had the energy.....but I WON'T carry it upstairs. Dinner will be another frozen meal. Which sucks with this heat, but he didn't buy enough fresh stuff to barbecue and the freezer doesn't have much besides hamburgers and some frozen catfish that for some reason is not appealing to me right now. He needs to go buy another birthday present tonight, and swim lesson registration is early tomorrow morning, and I don't know why I'm procrastinating about calling about summer camp. I wish I had someone to do all that for me!

Right now, I'm going to go knit a bit so I can actually post photos again. There was no way I was posting a photo of the dress!!


Anonymous said...

There are all kinds of summer camps in Bancroft, in fact the whole town is one big summer camp! Come on up and let every-one unwind for a few weeks after school.....
You don't have to see thru the metal hatchback if you don't lift it up!

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