Saturday, June 23, 2007

Family Circle Easy Knitting Spring/Summer 2005

Do you have that issue? I know some of you do. I know that Tobi made both the cover project and the crochet hat. I gave up on the crochet hat, but I want to make the cover project--a ribbed top, off the shoulder short sleeves. Made in Tahki Cotton Classic. The pattern calls for 100g balls that are108yds/100m. I would need 6, which would be 648yds/592.5m. I want to use Super 10 Butterfly, which is 125g/251yd/230m so I would need 2.6 skeins.

BUT....on the Tahki website, the Cotton Classic is listed as 50g/108yds/100m (well, actually, 108yd is 98.7m). In that case, I'd need 6 skeins. So there's a mistake somewhere. I've looked for corrections, but haven't found any regarding this issue. Does 648yds sound logical for a ribbed top with short sleeves? Tobi? Do you remember? It'd be nice to make a top for myself with only 3 skeins of the Butterfly! Even at regular price, that's not bad for me, but of course I never buy yarn at regular prices, LOL. AND Sharon says it's the yarn of the month at Len's Mill!! So, the stuff I have already says it was $11.99 regular price. I wonder what the sale price is?!

I went back to the ER last night. Anybody know a teenage boy named Collin with pierced eyebrows, lip, and one ear? Poor guy. More on that and me later!

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Anonymous said...

Only teen-aged Collin I know has both ears...