Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Last Post!

Hopefully, this will be the last post (for awhile) in the Breast Reduction category.

Tuesday was my last visit to the ER. The first nurse to come in was an older nurse, still wearing the white cap. The IV lock in my left arm was not looking good so she started a new one in my right hand. The first attempt didn't work so she had to do it again in my hand. It was pretty high in my hand so I was hoping it wouldn't be staying in. Then another nurse (same one as Sunday night) came to un-dress the wounds and suspected I'd need more IV-AB. The doctor came and took a look and said that we could stop with the IV-AB but keep on the oral AB and come back in on Saturday night to have her take a look again. Saturday night of a LONG weekend?! Sure, it's Sunday that's the holiday, but really.

Wednesday I went down to see the PS. He was his usual ADHD self, speaking in run on sentences with "uh huh" "sounds good" "Alright then" "Okay" being most of what he said. He was about to leave when I finally got to spit out some of what's been happening. He barely looked at my breasts, just very quickly, I don't know if he even felt the swelling and abscess. He says it's the stitches which are causing the problems with the open wounds, and to pull out any knots or threads I find. But does this mean that I might have trouble with other surgery? Why did I get the skin infection? Did the skin infection cause the wounds to open, or did the icky scabs cause the skin infections? Or did I just get lucky twice? LOL. I still never got the chance to ask how much weight was taken off!

And today is the last day of school. I feel like I've just gotten back to routine and now it's all over! Lucy had her VERY last speech therapy today too. Wow. Huey started with Liz in September 2003, so it's been almost 4 years! I'll probably get a year off and then Megan will start, just before she turns 3, just like Lucy did. One night there was a happy, babbling baby at the ER and she sounded so adorable. Such a range of sounds came pouring easily out of her mouth. Looking back, I don't think any of my kids were like that, especially Megan.

I promise, back to knitting posts tomorrow. Posts with pictures!! Unless Rob ticks me off again like he did on Tuesday night. He said that I was the one who chose to have the surgery now, it should be me that arranged to have someone do all the stuff I do. I said that it should be him doing (some of) it--he's supposed to be a partner and participate in the family. That didn't go over well. If I were him, I'd be ashamed to tell someone what he said, what his attitude has been. "Why is your house so messy/why are your clothes wrinkled...." "Oh, my self-centered wife wanted surgery and expects me to pick up the slack and I refuse". Somehow, even though he's a little socially inept at times, I don't think he'd actually say that to his boss/co-worker/Mom......

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Lucky Canuck said...

Hey, thanks for the compliments on the weight loss. And yes, the dress is tres cute! I was thinking that my before/after photo, I look like someone stuck a pin in me and I deflated, heh heh. I never felt huge and I guess I carried the extra weight well but the BMI was in the overweight range - not good.

The boobs, despite the photos, didn't really shrink all that much considering. That's how I knew back in '02 that a BR was in the cards and they were not huge due to any weight issues, otherwise I would have lost all that weight a lot earlier!