Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Somethings Never Change

Today is Huey's "Play Day". He thought he'd be inside playing all day with all the stuff he hasn't been able to play with because grade 1 is too much work. No, it's an outside Play Day with teams, etc. I pull up just before lunch to take Lucy to JK. The primary kids are out on the pavement, standing in a big group, fairly still.

Except for this one whirling blue dervish spinning and hopping around. Uh huh, that's my boy! He's been like that since birth. It was one clue to his Sensory Integration Dysfunction. He is underresponsive to vestibular motion. That means, his brain needs extra motion to register that he's moving, and also to calm other areas of the brain. His daddy is a knee bouncer/pacer, I am a knitter. With Huey, it is essential that he gets movement. He's worn out several mini-trampolines, and gets to sit on a gym ball instead of a chair in his classroom. The unfortunate thing is, Huey is also gravitationally insecure. His inner equilibrium is easily unbalanced. No roller coasters for him (or me!). He needs to feel secure that he won't tip over. Many kids don't like to fall, but he is different. One Christmas, "Uncle Steve" was picking up the kids and throwing them over his shoulder. All the other kids yelled "Stop" in a way that meant "Keep going!" but the look on Huey's face, the fear in his voice, indicated that he felt threatened to the deepest parts of himself. We won't go into his tactile issues....I hadn't planned on writting about SID today!

Last night Rob wanted to take his tires into the bike store in Toronto. I didn't really want to go, but didn't want to stay home with three kids, so we went. Lucy went in the store with him, and apparently picked out her own little KTM dirtbike. She told me she'll make sure to wear her bike helmet. I said "You'll be wearing more than just your bike helmet!" She says "Why? It's just a motorbike." OMG. Just a motorbike. She couldn't remember how to use the brakes on her two wheeler as she rolled down the driveway towards an oncoming car! I'll be wrapping her in bubble wrap before putting on all the gear!

I think I spoke too soon yesterday. The pink area started getting warm. And pinker. It's not bright red, or clearly defined, and I feel fine. However, this morning I noticed that while the right side has lost the swelling for the most part, the left side is significantly swollen looking (compared to the right, it's not anymore swollen than it was previously). Even with my t-shirt on, I can notice it. So I look on the hand outs from the PS, and there's a possible complication called Cellulitis of the breast. The handout says it's an inflammation that may require antibiotics. Well, imflammation doesn't need antibiotics, so off to Google I go. Indeed, cellulitis is a skin infection found near wounds/bites/punctures creating swelling, redness, and warmth while the patient usually still feels fine. Uh huh. My family doc is booked today and tomorrow and off on Fridays, so it's off to the ER for me tonight! Hope I take enough knitting, LOL.

Oh, can direct anyone you meet on Facebook to here! I have heard horror stories of how Facebook sucks you in and makes time evaporate but somehow doesn't evaporate your chores or responsibilities. Some day I'll check it out. I'm not sure I want to go down memory lane with Jen Hillman....after all, you know, she STOLE my boyfriend, on a bandtrip! Left me broken hearted and crushed while I had to share suite with her! And Lori Nevin. Oh, the misery! The scar on my adolescent pysche! It's all her fault we broke up and then years later he got M.... pregant and disappeared.....!! LOL!!! Oh man, is there any teenager that doesn't feel that the future success of the universe depends on their boyfriend staying with them? Just kidding to all this!! I actually did like Jen! Other than stealing my boyfriend, I liked the fact that she didn't sleep around with all the guys in the group!

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