Friday, July 20, 2007

I Did It!

Thanks Z! I had no idea you spoke HTML, LOL. At first, I changed the bit in the < $BlogItemComment..... >and that did something funky. Then I saw the word 'comment' by itself after that bit, and changed that instead, and it seems to have worked! It's tempting to go through and see what else you can play with, but with my luck, I'd mess up everything. In high school, I got banned from using the new computers in the drafting lab; they seemed to freeze everytime I had my turn!

Stay tuned for some actual knitting photos!

1 comment:

z said...

"naughty bits" love it! :D

8 years ago i used to build websites and create graphics for people. but then, because i was also busy with kids, technology got ahead of me (Flash websites came in and i went out). i still remember a little of all that htmHELL i learned back in the day.

if you want to change the font size of your links you can add the font tags: < font size="2" > your entire list of links here < /font > (take out the spaces between the < >s and the "font" and "/font". you might have the mess with the size # to get what you like.