Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Yes, This IS a Knitting Blog there anybody out there?
(I went to a Pink Floyd concert at the old Exhibition Stadium. Remember those old, ROOFLESS stadiums? It was cold! We were up in the bleachers, way up, a few rows down from the top, in front of the speakers. It was one of the most fragrant concerts I went to....).

Yes, I do knit. I took a day off after the surgery, then started up again. On the way to the surgery, I started a sock. I got the first sock done on the weekend, so a little over a month.

This is Austermann Stepp, with the aloe and jojoba oil in it. It's very soft, but I did have problems with splitting. The colours aren't quite what I was expecting, and perhaps not what I'd do if I were striping this sock on my own, but that's the fun with this type of yarn.

The foot is plain, and I decided to do cables up the leg. I started with 3x3 cables separated by two knit stitches I think it was. I realized quickly that it was pulling it in alot. I thought of keeping the same cable, but do them randomly or when the colours changed. But I like predictability, LOL. So, I kept the 3x3 cables around the ankles, then 'walked' the outer two knit sts of the cable out (over the purl st). That left me with a 2x2 cable, and more ribbing. I did this for a ways, then did the same thing with the outer two knit sts of the cable, leaving me with a 1x1 cable.This picture is a little blurry, but I think you can see what I did. I ended with some ribbing at the top. I wanted to start the second sock at a different place in the yarn pattern, so I did the ribbing until the beige yarn ended, LOL.

I got started on the second one, I hope I remember all that I did (like, adding some short rows to the top of the heel to give a bit more depth to the heel). I'm not good at remembering things. We took the kids to see the fireworks on Sunday night, and Megan has not slept well since! I can't believe I felt like this for over a year!

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Clarisse said...

Hi Tracy, When did you see Pink Floyd? They toured this year? They are my favorite band to see live, we saw Roger Waters in Vegas last month, and even though they both put on similar shows, I love the music better when Pink Floyd plays it. I like the Roger Waters sings it better, but oh well, can't have it all.

Oh, nice socks by the way. How does that yarn feel? Do your toes feel pampered and moisturized? I haven't tried it yet and my LYS finally got some in so I'm gonna get some.

Ok, sorry, I just got so excited about the Pink Floyd concert LOL!!!

Clarisse >^..^<