Monday, September 10, 2007

The Compliment!

I realized Friday night that I forgot to finish the post, "Criticism and Compliments". LOL.

Across the street from us is a typical suburban family. Overweight mom, overweight dad, kids on the way to being overweight. The kids are the same age as Lucy and Megan, but the mom returned to work last fall. They bought their house a few months before we did, from a guy Rob knows at work. Apparently they REALLY wanted the house. One of the nice features is the deck off the kitchen and the basement walkout, and it backs onto protected greenspace. But, they spend ALL their time in their garage and driveway! Even the BBQ is in the garage.

At some point this past summer I notice that the dad seemed to be home alot. Sometimes the kids were outside with him, but not always. And then I started noticing something freaky. Often, shortly after I'd go outside, his garage would open and there he was, sometimes smoking, sometimes on the phone. It was getting a little concerning. It doesn't happen every time I'm outside (with taking the kids to school, that means I'm getting in/out of the truck six times), but it seems to happen most on days that it's hot out.
Mmmmm....compliment, or criticism? LOL.

And thanks Z for the kind words! I can't believe you're starting with Fleece Artist roving!

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