Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh My Word!

CatBookMom posted a link at the knitting forum that you just have to check out! I know my stash is a little big (can something really be little and big?), and I know others that have bigger stashes (and size doesn't always matter--Cindy's drawer of Zephyr is probably worth more than much of my stash combined!), but this one woman's stash is beyond comprehending. I think I am going to turn one of the pictures into my desktop wallpaper. Rob thinks I have too much yarn, but I can tell he's just saying it lightheartedly. For now....

PS...what's with the 'Word Verification' to publish posts?! That's fairly new, and it NEVER works on the first try for me. I know my glasses need replacing, but I SWEAR I am entering the correct letters!!! Now I'm on to the third try!


z said...

oh. my. gawd! i'm insanely jealous!

i have to admit, this is sort of how i picture Cindy's stash to be :D

Lucky Canuck said...

I'd hate to think of what the rest of her house looks like.