Monday, September 17, 2007

Sewers are Headless Too!

Knitters always pose headless, and now, so do sewers! At least, when their not-quite-five-year old takes the pictures! This top was inspired by Earthchicknits (scroll down to see her version). She did say to make the top with less ease then the pattern suggests, but I think it might be a little snug. I like it, but I have two issues. The sleeves. I went to cut the elastic for the sleeves, but the guide for cutting it seemed way too big. So I measured my arm and cut my own piece. I didn't know though that the sleeve would not be nearly as long as I thought, and so, the elastic is too tight around my arm.My other issue is how the body curves outwards under the arm, and the arm therefor has a very short seam. Because there's not much ease across my chest (man, I look huge still in these photos. I DID have the reduction, really! I know I am still 'larger' at about a 36veryfullC...), there isn't as much freedom of movement in the arms as there could be. I'd like to change this for the next one, but I'm not totally sure how to adjust the sleeve. I have an idea, but need to cut some fabric to test. And I hate wasting fabric!
My other thought/issue is this. I'm still narrower across the back, and this shirt is full. The same pieces are used to make a mini dress, which has back darts. Should I put the darts in this one, or take in the sides/center back seam (and dart the next top)? I need to know before I hem it!

She was right though, it's a cute top that's fairly easy to make (the sleeve instructions confused me!). It looks good without having to fuss with a collar (scary). I'd like the body more fitted, but it's still okay. Crinkle gauze is hard to cut though! I got some more fabric from the marked down cart, so I can make more! I also have some beige crinkle gauze, but it's not wide enough to do the front in one piece. Do you think doing it in two pieces would make it look odd/homemade?

Right now I've started a dress that was also labelled "Easy". I don't know who decides if it's easy....I had a hard time figuring out how to lay the pieces out!!

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earthchick said...

The top is cute! But I see what you mean about the sleeves, and I can't figure out what to do. Regarding the extra fabric in back, I do definitely recommend darts.

Great job!