Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You'd Think....

.....that in my stash, I could find 280yds of an interesting and nice worsted weight yarn for a quick little shrug. Nothing. I have big amounts of some yarns that would be okay, but do I really want to break open a bag of Classic Merino and use 3 balls for a little project and be left with not quite enough for a big project? And how does a little lacey shrug, short sleeved, take 280 yds? Well, the called for balls (Oh My!) are 142yds, and it takes maybe the shrug only takes 160 yds.
And there's no way I can buy anything! OMG. I forgot to pay cash at one booth at the K-W Knitter's Fair and another didn't have debit, so I used 'our' Visa just a little bit too much. Then I placed an order for 'one cone' of machine knitting yarn, about $40. I asked if she had any odd cones kicking around (I was hoping for a little sample selection of machine knitting yarns as I told her I'm new), and she found 3 odd cones, equalling almost a full cone.....and gave me no discount for clearing out her odd cones! AND I bought some swim passes.....the leaves have officially fallen off the money tree!

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Monika said...

I went to the fair once, and that was enough for me. In addition to paying entry, driving there, they have NO bargains at all. I visit some of the stores online and they had better prizes there. And it was so backed, that you couldn't get to the tables, you had to use ellbow technique, and that's not me. I was very dissapointed. I found one book I would have liked, but the line of customers who wanted to pay was so long, it would have taken an hour or so just to pay. Na, not for me, thank you!