Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm Back!

We're back from our lovely cruise on (unbeknownst to us when we booked) the newest and largest cruiseship in the world. And yes, we did "Get Out There" and we "Climb(ed) The Wall". Picture evidence to follow :) (at a later date).

Over (Canadian) Thanksgiving, I became ill---nausea, stomach pains, and then the lovely diarrhea. I RARELY get issues like that. On October 4th, I had an eye exam, and the usual drops to dialate my eyes. But they took forever before they began to contract again (the drops went in around 2:40 and at 6:30 I was still very dialated) and I was getting nauseous--from the extra sun, I thought. Thanksgiving Monday was really bad, but then I felt better for a few days. But on the Thursday, it all came back. We had to leave for the airport at 2:30AM Saturday Oct. 13 (we were going to leave at 3AM but Rob forgot to pay the hydro bill). I was nauseous and couldn't eat.
Over the week, I was all shades of green. The diarrhea would come and go, slowed by Imodium which I hated using but I wanted to enjoy our trip! But by the time we got back on Saturday, there was no stopping it. I couldn't eat, or drink, and could feel myself getting dehydrated. I'm usually a big water drinker, so I was feeling BAD.
Yesterday I got in to see the doctor, who thinks it's a bacterial gastrointeritis. Similiar to a 'stomach flu' but bacteria instead of viral. I guess viruses have fairly short lifespans (well, except for HPV and HIV), and bacteria love to multiply. I took one antibiotic late Monday night and one Tuesday morning, and had NO bowel action until about 4:45pm on Tuesday! I'm less nauseous, and most importantly, I can get fluids down again.

I'm the only person I know to go on a cruise and lose weight. But my clothes are still tight; I guess from bloating (oh, the gas has been horrible. Totally horrible. Imagine my fear with a 3hr plane flight?).

I'm going to try to set up another blog for vacation photos and whatnot. Just to further illustrate how sick I was--I knitted for only about an hour on the flight down, not again until the next Sat. as we waited our turn to disembark, and only about 30 minutes on the flight home. So, there, you have some knitting content :)


z said...

oh no :( that's an awful way to spend a vacation!!

Monika said...

I'm real sorry you had to deal with this on your vacation!!! That's just horrible. Hope all is well again, but still, that sucks.