Monday, November 05, 2007

A New Computer!

So, Rob finally went and bought a new computer yesterday! Then proceeded to call be stupid and thickheaded because I asked if all my photos would still be organized once they get moved over and he got mad and said I can't have the folders too and don't be so stupid it'll take at least a week to move the photos and if I don't like it than fine I can use the old computer and why do I have to be so stubborn.....blah blah blah. And I'm the one who ruined the weekend?! Anyway, he came to bed last night and said all the old photos--and folders--are transferred, AND all the photos on the original memory card. Uh huh.

Except, now I can't find the photos I transferred, saved, editted, saved, etc last week using the old system....the photos of Lucy in the Halloween dress I made, and the photos of the shawl in progress on the knitting machine (which is no longer on the machine, so I can't re-take the photos). They've got to be somewhere. I know I cropped them, which means they did get saved as .jpg so maybe they got re-routed somewhere.

So, supposively this means I should have NO reason to not have photos with each post. LOL. I haven't knitted much this past month, having been so sick (okay, now I have a sinus infection too! And man, this new keyboard is wierd, the backspace key is set to turbo speed). But I think I'm going to spend a bit of time with the other blogs, get the cruise pictures up, etc. But check back here often. Especially since I don't dare ask about my list of bookmarks, LOL. I have a very long list of blogs and other sites bookmarked....I even had to think this morning if it's '' or .com!

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smariek said...

Ah, the joys of reconfiguring everything just so. Don't forget to do regular backups, just in case.