Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Recycled Knitting

I made this dress for Lucy when I got the KnitSmart knitting machine (my first machine). She was SO cute in it and it was one of those projects where everything pretty much worked exactly like it should (well, there were some issues--like I misread my scribbles and made the front skirt the total dress length, LOL, and there was a little issue with the waist decreases). Everyone complimented her everytime she wore it, so I made her another one, slightly bigger, but the proportions on it just aren't quite right. This picture is Lucy when she was about 33 months old, when I made the dress. And this picture is Megan, just shy of 24 months! Someone said yesterday that Megan is big for almost two, but I didn't believe it--she's always been on the small size. She could have been wearing the dress all summer/fall (I think she wore it once). She even got to wear a pair of shoes I had bought for Lucy but she never wore because it was winter when she finally fit them.
When I realized she was picking her nose for the first photo, I told her to smile:
Nope, that didn't work. We tried again:
And once more....but still no smile :(

The lace edging on the bottom is from a Debbie Bliss baby cardigan pattern, and I have used it many times on blankets for my neices, but this was the first time I did it in worsted weight, and I like how it came out. The yarn is just Bernat Handicrafter cotton!


smariek said...

Must be nice to be able to reuse clothes, they grow out of them so quickly. Is Megan enjoying her big sis's tricycle too?

Cindy G said...

The dress is adorable! How nice that you can get two little girls' worth of wear from it.