Sunday, November 11, 2007


I just realized that if I take posts about my kids out of this blog, then I'd have to rename it! When I first signed up for a blog (9 months before I created this one after I gave up trying to figure out what my name and password had been), I had a really creative knitting title, but I don't remember it and I can't access that blog now. And much of my knitting is for kids, and done while I look after kids, or not done while I look after kids....
In late September, Lucy and I decided that we would get a simple dress pattern, and some cheap Halloween fabric, and make a dress for her. We could make a dress for EVERY holiday! I did get it done in time for Halloween, although the hem needs to be turned once more, and it needs a button at the back neck, but all in all, other than the extremely cheap cotton from Wal-Mart, I'm quite pleased. I wish I had made this dress before I made my "EASY!" dress!I made a size 7 cause that was the easiest size to cut out some of the pieces (some of the pieces were 3/5/7 and 4/6/8), and although she's closest to a size 5, it still fits pretty well. In fact, most of Lucy's measurements were actually slightly bigger than Huey, despite the fact he weighs 10lbs more and is 10 inches taller! You can click on the pictures to see the Halloween fabric close up!

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