Wednesday, December 19, 2007


After I got my new winter coat, I started using my Flower Basket Shawl as a scarf. It works great and my glasses don't get fogged up, even when it's over my nose. But it's the same dull colour as the coat. So I began to think I should finish that blue lace scarf after all. But I just can't seem to get it out from the pile. I don't think the end result justifies the hard work of knitting it. Especially if it's going to be mostly hidden in my coat.

Then, last night I had a little knitting get together. Josee brought a book to give away (no one wanted any of the yarn I pulled out to try to give away! Boo Hoo), and I ended up with it. "Double Exposure" by Bonnie A. Franz. It's an interesting idea--patterns shown in different colourways, sometimes with slight differences. But really, I don't think MOST knitters need a whole book encouraging them to knit something in a bright colour when the original pattern is shown in grey. And some of her colour combinations are a little extreme. The section with the knitting info is quite good, and many of the patterns are quite good too, but a lot of book also show the same pattern knitted in different colour schemes.
One sweater on the front caught my attention. Lots of ruffles. I looked it up, and it uses KnitPicks Shimmer, 50g=440 yds, the same as the Shadow I have. And my size would need 3 balls. It's knit at 16st/4" so there's lots of stretch so I can knit a size small, LOL. And I can always knit it a bit shorter, like I usually do. The great thing is, I can knit all of it (except the ruffles) on my knitting machines! I had been thinking about doing that, but having a pattern makes it much more likely to actually happen. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if many of the patterns were knit on machines for the book.

So, when do I start? Well.....there's something on the standard gauge one (been there since before the cruise), nothing on the KnitSmart or LK150. I think I want to use the Singer 327, maybe even use a tuck st for some texture. I don't think I'll get the project that's already on it done till after Christmas, so don't hold your breath waiting for the new Shadow sweater!

Friday, December 14, 2007

All I Want for Christmas.... a floor lamp with an Ott light! A pair of nice black mittens, no? Look again....

Can you see what I didn't? I made these mittens for Huey. I did a cast on with cotton, then switched to a wool and knit the hand. Then I felted them, picked out the cast on, and did the ribbing. I made the one on the right first. I had Huey try it on at one point, and he asked why the ribbed part was a different colour. I insisted that it wasn't, it was just cause the hand was felted and fuzzy, and the ribbing was smooth. I had thought the colour looked a little different, but I was strong in my belief that it was the different texture playing tricks.

Part way through the second ribbing, we went tobogganing and then some running around while Megan slept in the truck. I took the mitts out to start working, and in the daylight, the difference was VERY obvious!! OMG. The mitt on the right has a navy blue ribbing!

I showed them to Huey, and he said he'd wear them (this way he will always know which is the left mitten). I added a cord (done so quickly on the knitting machine), but after one day I had to cut the cord off because it hurt his back and neck! They are a little big on him (he wears 'magic gloves' underneath, and they almost fit me), but they are so warm and fuzzy, I want my own pair! Unfortunately of course, mittens are usually worn outside, in DAYLIGHT. LOL.

(Can anyone tell me how to delete a picture after it's in this box? I tried right clicking on it, but then it became unselected)

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I have a whole pile of FOs to show off! But I'm also working madly on more projects so that they can be FOs too. Hopefully by Sunday I will get a chance to post pictures; we're out of town all day Saturday, and Friday morning I'm going out of town to buy a new.....knitting machine!!! So of course, Friday afternoon will be spent.....playing :)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Charity Knitting

I'm not proud to admit that we don't really support charities (including alumni fundraising). We keep meaning to, but.... However, I will say that I believe if you do support, you should start locally. I'd rather have my money/time go to help someone in my community than across the world (although I'm NOT saying those people don't deserve help, just that when you're limited in what you can do, it's nice to be able to SEE your help actually help someone).

Sometimes though, through the wonders of blogland, we come across wonderful organizations that need help. Every knitter seems to have a charity of choice...Warm Up America, Project Linus, Let's Blanket Canada......I'd like to add one more I just found this morning.

The Soaring Eagle Project is touching to me I think, because it originated with a teacher, for her students. She'd like to have each student in her school receive a handknit gift at Christmas. She's in Oklahoma, in a very impoverished district. These might be the only gifts some kids get. As of today, she still needs over 200 pairs of mittens, but there is time before the deadline (I think it's Dec 12 or 17). And if not this year, perhaps next year? Or maybe adopt a school near yourself and see if they'd be interested. One year I made one pair of mittens each month to donate to a mitten tree. Kids mittens don't take very long, or very much yarn, and are very appreciated. What more could you ask for?

Sunday, December 02, 2007


I finally got a new coat (although it might not do for when it's really cold) from the Salvation Army. Faux suede/shearling in a nice, neutral, light tan. So now I can create lots of colourful accessories and not worry about matching/clashing like with my plum coat. But do I have time right now? No! LOL. But stay tuned. However....when I do go stash diving, will I have anything fun and colourful? And enough for a hat/scarf/and mitts cause you know, I do still have to match somewhat :) I know I have lots of black/grey fun fur/novelty yarns, but I don't think that qualifies as colourful!