Wednesday, December 19, 2007


After I got my new winter coat, I started using my Flower Basket Shawl as a scarf. It works great and my glasses don't get fogged up, even when it's over my nose. But it's the same dull colour as the coat. So I began to think I should finish that blue lace scarf after all. But I just can't seem to get it out from the pile. I don't think the end result justifies the hard work of knitting it. Especially if it's going to be mostly hidden in my coat.

Then, last night I had a little knitting get together. Josee brought a book to give away (no one wanted any of the yarn I pulled out to try to give away! Boo Hoo), and I ended up with it. "Double Exposure" by Bonnie A. Franz. It's an interesting idea--patterns shown in different colourways, sometimes with slight differences. But really, I don't think MOST knitters need a whole book encouraging them to knit something in a bright colour when the original pattern is shown in grey. And some of her colour combinations are a little extreme. The section with the knitting info is quite good, and many of the patterns are quite good too, but a lot of book also show the same pattern knitted in different colour schemes.
One sweater on the front caught my attention. Lots of ruffles. I looked it up, and it uses KnitPicks Shimmer, 50g=440 yds, the same as the Shadow I have. And my size would need 3 balls. It's knit at 16st/4" so there's lots of stretch so I can knit a size small, LOL. And I can always knit it a bit shorter, like I usually do. The great thing is, I can knit all of it (except the ruffles) on my knitting machines! I had been thinking about doing that, but having a pattern makes it much more likely to actually happen. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if many of the patterns were knit on machines for the book.

So, when do I start? Well.....there's something on the standard gauge one (been there since before the cruise), nothing on the KnitSmart or LK150. I think I want to use the Singer 327, maybe even use a tuck st for some texture. I don't think I'll get the project that's already on it done till after Christmas, so don't hold your breath waiting for the new Shadow sweater!

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