Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Charity Knitting

I'm not proud to admit that we don't really support charities (including alumni fundraising). We keep meaning to, but.... However, I will say that I believe if you do support, you should start locally. I'd rather have my money/time go to help someone in my community than across the world (although I'm NOT saying those people don't deserve help, just that when you're limited in what you can do, it's nice to be able to SEE your help actually help someone).

Sometimes though, through the wonders of blogland, we come across wonderful organizations that need help. Every knitter seems to have a charity of choice...Warm Up America, Project Linus, Let's Blanket Canada......I'd like to add one more I just found this morning.

The Soaring Eagle Project is touching to me I think, because it originated with a teacher, for her students. She'd like to have each student in her school receive a handknit gift at Christmas. She's in Oklahoma, in a very impoverished district. These might be the only gifts some kids get. As of today, she still needs over 200 pairs of mittens, but there is time before the deadline (I think it's Dec 12 or 17). And if not this year, perhaps next year? Or maybe adopt a school near yourself and see if they'd be interested. One year I made one pair of mittens each month to donate to a mitten tree. Kids mittens don't take very long, or very much yarn, and are very appreciated. What more could you ask for?

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