Saturday, January 26, 2008

Here's the Mitts

Here's the mitts I made to go with the hat from a few posts ago. I'm not loving the hat so much anymore, but I'm loving, loving, loving the mitts. Except for driving and doing up carseats. LOL. Good thing I have more of the yarn to make another hat, and a pair of mitts like the turquoise ones! These mitts are SO warm. I can't believe how much warmer they are than the Decor mitts I make which have 25% wool. I don't think I can make mitts with less than 50% wool anymore!!
The first mitt got done quickly and easily. The second mitt had some issues...put on the backburner, the colour wasn't striping, I cut and restarted the yarn and then there was a knot, I messed up the decreases, etc. Why do I have MORE trouble with the second item of pairs? LOL.
Oh, and a bit more of the Mooloomooloo yarn (what the turquoise ones are) might have followed me home from Wal-Mart the other day....I wanted more of this Armytage that I did these mitts with, but they only had a similiar red/orange colourway, and a boring beige. I really hope they get more stock. They have another one, Malden, that has a high wool content (75% maybe) but it comes in solid colours (including a turquoise like the hat and mitt set), and it just looks so plain, LOL.

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