Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How Come

How come on the other blogs I'm doing, you can click on the pictures and they'll come up bigger, in a new window, but that doesn't happen with this old blog?

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T said...

Well, the picture of the hat you really liked below does come up in a separate window, just not any bigger. That's because the display in the post is as big as the original, probably.

Using Blogger to host your photos is just asking for frustration (IMO, of course).

The short version (which is nigh onto impossible for me) is this:
a href="picturelocationandname.jpg" in those little <> things. Then, img src="picturelocationandname.jpg" height=somethingsmaller width=somethingTheSame%Smaller
again in <>.
End with /a in <> and you've just created a clickable small version that will take you to the bigger version.

You can use flickr or photobucket or any other photo hosting service out there. My guess (again, this is my OPINION) is that any of them will ultimately be less frustrating than Blogger.