Sunday, January 13, 2008

Recycled Bum Sweaters

Isn't that a great name? I went to our thrift stores and found two sweaters for myself, LOL, and two sweaters to felt for diaper covers. One is going to be too thick though. And then my mom gave me a pile of sweaters to cut up too! This was the first one, a 50/50 wool/acrylic, that felted quite nice, but is a bit on the thick side. I used the waist ribbing of the sweater for the back ribbing, but I think for other sweaters, I'll cut it so the waist ribbing goes around the whole diaper cover. I'm having trouble with sagging at the front:

I tightened up the elastic, but it's sagging, it might be even worse now (no photo). And it pouffs out above the front thigh. So, I don't know how to get a good fit. Maybe make the rise in front longer, and the front a bit wider, and try to have it stay up over her belly? All her pants slide down too!

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