Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not Much New

Those mitts I posted two posts ago....so warm and cozy? I can't find them. I looked through our three baskets in the closet, and unless I'm confusing them with the matching hat, I can't find them! But I did get a pair of proper mitts made in the turquoise yarn that I made a hat and the 'half' mitts from.
I'm disappointed you can't see all the colours in that Baby Surprise Jacket photo. The one strand stays grey, the other one changes pink, white and purple.

I'm still really behind in posting my FOs.....even stuff from Christmas! I'm just doing little things for the most part, so they do add up quickly. And I got 9 books for my birthday!

And I really wanted to share more, but I don't remember what and Nina is coming to see Megan who is asleep, so I've got to clean!

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